Running out of patience with the lockdown

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I think people are running out of patience — not with the virus, but with the lockdown.

I’ll show you two videos that I think are early warnings.

One of the problems with masks is that it gives you semi-anonymity. It's one of the reasons why people online are so mean — they're either fully anonymous or they're sort of anonymous, not face-to-face with others. It's easier to insult someone, it's easier to engage in bad behaviour if no one knows who you are.

NEXT: Chairman of the Rebel News Advisory Board and President of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow Raheel Raza on her new book The ABC's of Islamism: Everything you wanted to know about radical Islam, but were afraid to ask.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

JUSTIN TRUDEAU: Fire Liberal MP Han Dong!

According to CSIS leaks to journalists, the MP for Don Valley North was chosen by the Communist Chinese as their man in Toronto, one of 11 such China-installed candidates benefiting from foreign interference in Canada's electoral process since 2019.

Fire MP Han Dong

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