I’m shocked but not surprised — the Media Party thinks David Menzies deserved to be beat up

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Yesterday I showed you videotape of our colleague, David Menzies, being beat up by Justin Trudeau’s personal bodyguards.

Completely unprovoked. Shockingly brutal. Absolutely surreal.

So I showed you that yesterday; and I showed you how this was preceded by five years of Justin Trudeau and his staff demonizing Rebel News, saying we were less than we are.

So we rolled out the video and the petition and the lawsuit last night. And the video was shocking.

And thousands of people around the world were shocked by it.

Political commentators in Australia, the United Kingdom and America were stunned by it. From Ann Coulter, to Fox News’ Tammy Bruce to Breitbart to the UK’s Laurence Fox. Over a million people have seen the video in its different versions on our different platforms.

But here at home — crickets.

Almost total silence — not total. Conrad Black called it shameful. Lorrie Goldstein of the Sun chain was upset, as was Joe Warmington. Our friends at True North including Sue-Ann Levy, and Cosmin Dzurdza. But that’s just about it.

The only MP who took a stand was John Williamson — a former journalist himself, who wrote this strong statement:

I appreciate that. Out of 119 Conservatives MPs, that was about it — all I saw. Leslyn Lewis clicked “like” on that. I’m pretty sure that’s it.

On tonight's show, we'll look at the media party reaction to the assault.

GUEST: Andrew Lawton (follow @AndrewLawton on Twitter) on newly announced restrictions just in time for the holidays.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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