Why are teachers unions calling math “racist”?

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Here are two interesting stories that are related.

B.C. teachers at loggerheads with First Nations leaders over standardized testing

Now, you might be thinking: First Nations people are arguing against standardized testing; that they feel high standards might discriminate against Indigenous kids who have a tough background, and maybe don’t have a history of academic success in their families. That’s what you might guess if you follow elite opinion, critical race theory, all sorts of woke folks saying: standards are racist.

But no — it’s the opposite. These Indian Bands are furious that the largely white teachers union is dumbing down its education, especially for Indigenous kids! The First Nations know that math and English are the tools to get ahead in the modern world — it’s the woke teachers who want to teach feelings and grievances instead!

So that’s one story. And now look at this from across the country, in Ontario:

Ontario court declares math proficiency test 'unconstitutional'

It’s shocking really — this anti-testing ideology is being promoted by the unions, for all the above reasons. But in this case, they went to court, to get judges to denounce standardized tests are racist. But get this — they’re not even saying it’s racist against students. They’re saying it’s racist towards teachers to have to know math!

You can read the court ruling here, from just last week.

Ontario teachers suing the government to ban math tests for teachers! Look at the first five paragraphs. It reads like the Onion or the Babylon Bee. This is real, though. This isn’t some woke student in some genders studies class. This is what happens when those woke students grow up and become woke lawyers and then become woke judges.

What this court — a real court, with real judges! — did was say the hurt feelings of teachers who couldn't’ be bothered to study for a math test comes ahead of the interests of students — of every race.

Which is more important — that students of every race get good math instruction? Including black students? Or that teachers get to feel good — but are awful teachers to children of every race, including black kids?

I’d like to ask some black moms and dads: is it more important to you that your kids learn math from someone great at math — no matter their race — or is it more important to have a certain race teach your child — even if they don’t know math?

If those First Nations leaders are anything to go by, parents of every race are the real losers in this court case.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano (follow @franco_nomics on Twitter)

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