Should journalists check if TV doctors actually follow their own strict lockdown advice? Or should they be exempt from public scrutiny?

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Here at Rebel News, we do journalism in the public interest. What I mean by that is, there’s a democratic reason behind the stories that we do. We don’t talk about private matters; we don’t talk about private people, unless they enter the public realm — usually it’s the form of a private person who needs help against the system, and they want to tell us their story.

But if there’s no public element to it, we just don’t cover it. Makes sense; that’s sort of instinctive, I think.

I think most people are private people. Including most doctors. By that I mean, they have a doctor-patient relationship — and it’s really none of our business. Certainly not any politician’s business.

But unfortunately that private sphere has been punctured, invaded, and sometimes even destroyed by politicians and bureaucrats in the past two years.

There's no privacy anymore. Not even in your own home, where the government says how many guests you can or can’t have at Christmas dinner.

And some of this is being said by politicians. But much of it is being done by people in white lab coats. Sometimes they actually bring their stethoscopes on TV with them.

On tonight's show, we'll talk about a TV doctor named Naheed Dosani, a self-labelled “health justice activist”, and why I'm offering a $5,000 bounty on catching him breaking his own COVID rules.

This rule-following stuff? This lockdown stuff? This privacy-invading stuff? It’s just for you.

Being checked up on — it’s just for you.

And the moment anyone dares to ask the ruling class if they’re compliant? Holy hell.

They’re just not used to it, I guess. That’s what happens when 99 per cent of Canadian journalists are on Trudeau’s payroll, I guess.

GUEST: Ian Miles Cheong (follow @stillgray on Twitter)

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