Best of 2020: Fight the Fines

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We know who the Grinch is this Christmas -- it's the politicians and the lockdowns.

Don't blame it on the virus. The virus did its damage and it's a shame, but it's the politicians who seized the opportunity to take away our civil liberties.

And one of the worst things they did was to attack people who couldn't fight back. Small businesses, ordinary people who couldn't pay the fines, who couldn't hire a lawyer to fight the fines.

About six months ago, we came up with the idea that we would crowdfund Fight the Fines.

We love crowdfunding — some will say we do it too much — but I disagree. We have been able to help well over one hundred people.

And that's what our show today is on — the best of our Fight the Fines journey.

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Fight The Fines

Reporting on and fighting the pandemic fines.

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