A freedom-focused lawyer could be the next chairman of the Republican National Committee: an interview with Harmeet K. Dhillon

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Tonight, we meet the freedom-minded lawyer who might just be the next chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Harmeet K. Dhillon is one of my favourite people, such a great pundit. You probably recognize her from TV — if you watch any American TV, she's often on shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight talking about Republican matters, legal matters, freedom of speech.

She's everywhere on TV, but she also runs a very busy freedom-oriented law practice, one of the few to do so almost exclusively. In fact, she set up a whole freedom-oriented legal defence fund, especially active in California during the lockdowns, sort of like the American version of The Democracy Fund.

I'm very delighted that today, she's our guest for the whole show.

To see more from Harmeet, follow her on Twitter or visit the Liberty Center's website.

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