How the mainstream media covered the Freedom Convoy anniversary

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

For those seeking to feast their eyes and ears upon an orgy of misinformation, disinformation and outright lies, one needs to look no further than how the mainstream media covered the one-year anniversary of the Freedom Convoy – or as this event is labelled in MSM-Land, the “SO-CALLED” freedom convoy…

Yeah, “so-called.” The irony is perverse, is it not? Journalists have skin in the game when it comes to that concept called freedom after all… you know, that little nugget known as “freedom of the press”?

Then again, their dismissal of freedom fighters and their bias in news reporting when it comes to the Freedom Convoy shouldn’t really come as a surprise. The MSM journalists receive much of their paycheque content from Justin Trudeau. And we know the media’s Sugar Daddy loathed the 2022 Freedom Convoy; thus, the MSM shall loathe it too. Thus, the convoy’s one year anniversary is NOT something to remember fondly. Nor was the brutal crackdown something to lament.

Instead, the narrative some 12 months later is thank God those barbarians at the gate were dealt with, so that sleepy Ottawa can get back to normal…
So it was in the media coverage going back to last weekend that there was virtually no condemnation of the federal government outrageously invoking the Emergencies Act to brutally shutdown a peaceful protest. There was no condemnation of police horses trampling peaceful protestors. Not even a single mention of my dear colleague, Alexa Lavoie, being shot in the thigh with some sort of cylinder by a trigger-happy cop.

Watch the video above for the very worst of the grotesque and brutally biased reporting by the mainstream media vis-à-vis the one-year anniversary of the Freedom Convoy – it was brought to you by… well, YOU, the ever-beleaguered taxpayer!

Meanwhile in this episode, Ezra gives his update on the Pastor Artur Pawlowski trial where he’s facing two criminal charges — mischief against property and failing to obey an order and he’s facing a third offence: the first time ever that Alberta’s eco-terrorism law, the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act has ever been used.

Rebel News is crowdfunding Pastor Artur’s legal fees at the website In fact, you’ll get a charitable tax receipt from The Democracy Fund for your donation — because you’re helping to fight for civil liberties.

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