What happened with that explosion in East Palestine, Ohio?

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In tonight's episode, Ezra examines the massive explosion and fire in East Palestine, Ohio, which caused a visible spectacle and forced the evacuation of the town.

As the media and the national guard had some conflict, people began to speculate on what was really happening. As our journalists followed the facts, it's clear that this incident is another example of the deep-seated distrust that many people have in our institutions. From the government to the police, military, scientists, and media, people have never been less certain about their world and the people they used to rely on unquestioningly.

The truth is that the explosion is not an isolated incident. A chart of train wrecks shows that while there are four train accidents per day, there are 40,000 car accidents per day. Most industrial products go by train instead of truck, and while they may be spectacular, they are normal in a country as vast as the U.S.

However, the issue is not just the accident itself. It is the lack of trust that many people have in the experts and institutions responsible for managing these events. People are torched on "experts" and are becoming increasingly skeptical of the Biden administration. As Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg fails to mention the incident and instead focuses on the racism of roads, people become more disillusioned.

The recent bungled handling of high altitude air balloons over our skies by NORAD is another example of the mistrust people have in our institutions. It's no surprise people are questioning our institutions more as we experience energy and food poverty, with rising prices of basic necessities like eggs and medicine, people are being urged to get off meat and fossil fuels, despite a lack of viable alternatives.

Compounding this is the three-year lie about vaccines, with many feeling like they are being endlessly gaslit by those in power. As Bill Gates faces continuing questions about his association with Jeffrey Epstein, the idea of experts becomes increasingly problematic.

In this context, it is no surprise that people are quick to question what is happening in East Palestine, Ohio. While there may be psychosomatic problems and there may be some chemical issues, following the facts will likely reveal that there is nothing extraordinary to see here.

As people become more skeptical of those in power, it is important to address the root causes of this mistrust. By building transparency, accountability, and trust in our institutions, we can work towards a more stable and equitable future because its evident people have never been less certain about their world and the people they
used to rely on unquestioningly.

GUEST: Lincoln Jay in Ohio

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