Welcome to 2023: Let's start the year looking at my nine favorite clips from 2022

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Welcome back, and welcome to a new year, it's January 2, 2023.

So it's a statutory holiday, so we've given the staff the day off. We'll all be back at work tomorrow. Well, actually, I'm going to take a couple of days. But as you know, we like to do shows even on stat holidays, so I'm pre-recording this before the break.

And when I think of news stories in 2022, there was only really one that was larger than all stories combined, and it was the trucker rebellion, the Freedom Convoy. That not only was news in itself, but it freed so many Canadians.

It broke the mindset of conformity, the false consciousness that the propaganda media try to impart, that we all agreed to things and only that only weird extremists didn't like being locked down, didn't like vaccine mandates, didn't like being banned from going to funerals or weddings or the gym or a restaurant or being able to travel.

So, the truckers were definitely the story of 2022. And not only were they the story in that they helped free us, but they forced Justin Trudeau to reveal his true colours as a bit of a fascist, imposing martial law.

I think the truckers are the story of the year for 2022 and hopefully they'll inspire us into 2023. You know, I was thinking about it about it because here we are in 2023 and we feel free again. Not totally free, but freer.

For example, you still can't travel to the United States if you're not jabbed. That's a bizarre rule that, of course, Joe Biden imposes. Maybe the new Congress will lift it soon.

But you know, after a blazing fores fire that torches everything in its path, very soon, green shoots begin to emerge from the black earth. I don't know if you've ever been in a forest after a forest fire, but you know, in a matter of weeks, life starts to return.

And I feel that that's how it is in Canada — everything was torched. It was a civil liberties inferno, and they did such a great damage to us. And though the green shoots are back and then, from the outside, life looks like it's returned to normal.

I think that there is lasting damage to our civil liberties and there's a lot of wrongs that still need to be righted.

But I want to remind you of what I thought were the top stories of 2022. I've selected nine little clips here, and half of them, of course, are from the truckers. These are some of the nine most interesting videos of the year.

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