A left-wing CBC insider says the place has gone absolutely nuts — I’ll read to you from her amazing resignation letter

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I honestly never heard of Tara Henley before — apparently she’s been a CBC producer and reporter for nine years. Then again, the CBC has 7,500 staff. You can’t be expected to know them all.

Here’s her official CBC page, which I’m slightly surprised that they haven’t deleted yet. So she’s for real. And it reads like you’d expect it to read.

She's absolutely a representative CBCer. So why would someone like that — who really gets to run a feminist blog for a living at taxpayers expense, quit in a burst of fury? Because that’s exactly what she did yesterday.

Here’s her story on Substack:

Speaking Freely
Why I resigned from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Substack is a publishing site, a bit like a blog, a bit like an email system. So she’s apparently starting one of those. I think I’ll follow her.

You know, I’ll do more than that — I’ll invite her on as a guest. And maybe even — I know this is nuts — a contributor. We don’t need more leftists in the media. There are 7,499 of them left at the CBC. But if she really believes in diversity of opinion, and following the facts wherever they lead, and asking tough questions about things — you know, maybe, she might be a Rebel after all.

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