Progressives rush to defend a transgender murderer from the death penalty

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Guest host: David Menzies

Have you been following the perverse saga that is – or rather was – the Amber McLaughlin story?

For starters, here’s a photo of the adorable Amber, courtesy of the Associated Press via USA Today:

Now, I don’t mean to be harsh here, but this particular Amber looks more like a red light to me… Indeed, wouldn’t you say that Lady Amber come across as a little… bit… you know... man-ish? Well, your eyes aren’t failing you folks, because in the immortal words of Austin Powers:

Gee, could you even film such a scene like that today without being hauled before some kangaroo court human rights tribunal and being charged with a thought crime?

In any event, I am delighted to report that as of around 7 p.m. ET last night, a certain procedure was embraced which now allows us to refer to Amber in the past-tense.

That’s because this monster, who was serving time in a Missouri jail for first-degree murder, was sent to the great hereafter via lethal injection. Good riddance — not that there wasn’t a vigorous fight by the progressive left to save this “Amber”. By the way, Amber McLaughlin’s real name is Scott McLaughlin.

That’s because when he was born a half century ago, nobody in their right mind would’ve dreamed of naming a bouncing baby boy as “Amber.” But in this young century, a moronic mantra endlessly uttered by those on the political left is: “If its trans its good and if its good its trans.”

And that’s the crux of the matter when it comes to the McLaughlin story.

After all, an inmate being put to death in the United States is hardly newsworthy. There are hundreds of prisoners on death row, several of whom are executed on an annual basis. The fact that a murderer was put to death in the U.S. is about as newsworthy as reporting that there is salt water in the Atlantic Ocean.

But the Amber-Scott saga is apparently newsworthy, we are told, because he’s the first “trans” person to be executed. To which I have to say: who in blue hell cares?

I’ll leave it to your own devices to run a news search of this individual and dredge up the pathetic prose generated by the mainstream media. So much of it painted McLaughlin as a really likeable guy or gal or something.

Check out this line from a CBS story, noting how a fellow inmate, Jessica Hicklin, described McLaughlin as “a painfully shy person who came out of her shell after she decided to transition. She always had a smile and a dad joke. If you ever talked to her, it was always with the dad jokes.”

Oh, hardy har-har! Stop it with those dad jokes, already, Scotty-boy — you’re killing me.

Regardless, the mainstream media narrative suggested that executing McLaughlin was in itself a crime because… well, because, he now dons female props and he identities as a “she”, and as previously stated, “If its trans its good and if its good its trans.”

Indeed, in many respects, a scene from Family Guy is now proving to be eerily prescient:

Yep, do whatever you want all the time, because Halloween is every day in our not-so-brave new world…

Oh, I can hear some bleeding hearts right now reacting thusly: “Oh, Menzies, why are you being so mean to this good time gal that loves telling dad jokes.”

Well, here’s why: in many of the news stories covering the McLaughlin story, you have to drill down some four or five paragraphs to find out why Scotty was on death row in the first place. You see, some two decades ago, Scott Mclaughlin was convicted of killing 45-year-old Beverly Guenther. Guenther was McLaughlin's former girlfriend back when Amber was a he/him as opposed to a she/her.

And it should be noted that before he stabbed Beverly Guenther to death with a steak knife, Scott raped her as well. By the way, before she was murdered, Ms. Guenther lived in constant fear of her life. Scott incessantly stalked her, and it was not uncommon for the police to escort Beverly from her office building to her car in the parking lot.

But Scott McLaughlin eventually got his way, raping and killing Beverly, then placing her body in a garbage bag and dumping that bag in the Mississippi River as if this woman was a piece of trash.

Now, that was wasn’t very lady-like of Scotty, wouldn’t you say?

And that’s the REAL story here, that a malicious and brutal and violent man finally got what was coming to him.

But in the department of “burying the lede” as we say in the journalism business, for so many in the mainstream media, the brutal murder Scott carried out was NOT the crux of the matter; rather, the news peg was that since he was pretending to be a she, that means the state of Missouri should’ve granted this shemale thug clemency.

Indeed, in media reports, it was noted that in his final written statement before going on an eternal date with the Grim Reaper, Scott wrote the following: “I am a loving and caring person.”

Can you believe that? I mean, wow, if rape and murder is the bailiwick of a loving and caring person I’d hate to what sort of shenanigans are carried out by a real son of a bitch. Or is it simply “bitch” given that Scott’s last appearance on terra-firma was as Amber? It’s all so confusing, isn’t it?

And of course, leave it to the Joe Biden Democrats to go to bat for this monster. Check this pithy prose from the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper:

Two Missouri members of Congress, Democrats Cori Bush and Emanuel Cleaver, had been campaigning for McLaughlin’s sentence to be commuted and last week wrote to [Governor Mike] Parson urging him to scrap the execution.

They noted that McLaughlin, 49, was given the death sentence when the judge in the case made a unilateral decision after the jury deadlocked on her fate. The members of Congress complained about alleged shortcomings in her trial, including failure to include expert testimony and evidence on the defendant’s mental health.

By the way, that line there about McLaughlin’s mental health? Isn’t that interesting? I mean, there is indeed a body of evidence indicating that a disproportionate number of trans individuals suffer from various mental health issues ranging from autism to Asperger’s Syndrome. But to mention this research in certain circles one shall be deemed to be a hater and/or a transphobe.

Yet, when an allegedly trans individual is on death row fighting for his or her life, suddenly those members of the loving left unapologetically play the mental illness card. Gee, talk about desperation; talk about hypocrisy; talk about chutzpah…

Incidentally, I say “allegedly trans” because how do we know for certain that Scotty wasn’t a grifter, that he wasn’t playing a colossal con game here, the goal being to get into a female penitentiary… where, you know, he would have a stable of vulnerable real women to prey on? Yeah, I know he’s shy and he likes to tell dad jokes, but still…

By the way, thanks to Prime Minister Blackface McGroper, this is par for the course in Canada these days. You can be a six-foot-five 350-pound bearded violent dude and you merely have to identify as Tinkerbell and you will be allowed to serve your sentence in a women’s prison. No hormone shots, no slicing and dicing of the genitals… you merely have to make-believe that you are female and voila, it will be completely accepted as such.

I know that sounds insane and downright unbelievable, but it’s true. Check out this snippet from a report we filed back in 2021 pertaining to a protest outside a federal women’s penitentiary in Kitchener, Ontario:


Thankfully, Missouri Governor Mike Parson did not bend the knee to the woke mobsters and the transgender tyrants. Here’s what the governor had to say yesterday: “McLaughlin is a violent criminal. Ms. Guenther’s family and loved ones deserve peace. The State of Missouri will carry out McLaughlin’s sentence according to the Court’s order and deliver justice.” 

Yeah, justice. What a concept these days…

But I should mention this: in the department of cosmic irony and coincidence, the same day Scott McLaughlin was being prepped for the long needle, news broke that one of the great thinkers of our time, Dr. Jordan Peterson, is now being persecuted for… wrong-thought.

Dr. Peterson first came to prominence when he was teaching at the University of Toronto and took a stand against compelled speech — especially referring to the various spirit unicorns on campus with phony pronouns such as zee/zir and xe/xem and sir/hir and so on and so forth…

He has since gone on to write bestsellers and to be a much sought-after speaker the world over.

In any event, Dr. Peterson took to Twitter yesterday to state the following:

BREAKING: the Ontario College of Psychologists has demanded that I submit myself to mandatory social-media communication retraining with their experts for, among other crimes, retweeting Pierre Poilievre and criticizing Justin Trudeau and his political allies.

I am to take a course of such training (with reports documenting my "progress" or face an in-person tribunal and suspension of my right to operate as a licensed clinical psychologist.

About a dozen people from all over the world submitted complaints about my public statements on Twitter and Rogan over a four year period (out of the 15 million who follow me on social media) claiming that I had "harmed" people (not them) with my views.

Incredible and chilling. Dr. Peterson’s colleagues think he must be “reprogrammed” now for embracing free speech? For taking a stance against… insanity? And by the way, who exactly looks upon Jordon Peterson as “controversial” for simply espousing common sense? It the woke mob on campus? Antifa? Those experiencing mental illness and/or the trans community? As for the Ontario College of Psychologists, please — physician, heal thyself…

So there you have it, folks: a first-degree murderer is supposedly deserving of our compassion and our forgiveness because the killer took to donning a wig, earrings, and splashing some garish makeup on his mug, thereby morphing into a “transgender” person in the process. And besides, he was shy and he loved to crack dad jokes…

Meanwhile, someone such as Dr. Jordan Peterson, a man blessed with a brilliant mind and someone who does not bend the knee to society’s cancel culture mobsters, this individual is being called upon the carpet by some quacks populating a star chamber in order to justify his so-called “wrong-thoughts” as though we are currently living in some real-life Orwellian nightmare? Give me a break…

In the final analysis, the year 2023 is barely 96 hours old… and it would appear that planet Earth is still continuing to self-identify as clown world.

GUEST: Jesse Johnson, the principled owner of Without Papers Pizza who took a stand against vaccine passports and wound up losing his livelihood (follow Jesse on Twitter @wopizza)

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