Singh signs on to Trudeau's censorship plan

But he says the Liberals' schemes don't go far enough to address misinformation and hate, whatever that means.

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Guest host: Sheila Gunn Reid

According to Blacklock's Reporter, which first published Singh's statement Thursday morning, the NDP leader doesn't think the Liberals' plans to control the internet go far enough:

Twenty-five New Democrat MPs will pressure cabinet for legislation this year to regulate legal internet content, Party leader Jagmeet Singh said yesterday. Regulations should include censoring “misinformation,” he said.

“The Liberal government has not done the job of making sure platforms are following the rules around making sure hate and misinformation are not being spread,” Singh told reporters. “That puts the responsibility back on the government to do what it should be doing. We are going to continue to pressure the government to do this.”

“The government has a responsibility to play in making sure social media platforms are adhering to proper guidelines around misinformation, around hate, and why we have been saying for a long time the responsibility to keep people safe from misinformation and radicalization cannot rest in the hands of private companies,” said Singh. “It has to be the government taking responsibility.”

Cabinet to date has not reintroduced a censorship bill that lapsed in the pre-election 2021 Parliament. Bill C-36 An Act To Amend The Criminal Code proposed $70,000 fines for internet users responsible for legal content deemed “likely to foment detestation or vilification.

And this makes me worried that the Liberals are going to really crank up the censorship to please the NDP and hang onto power with the socialists propping up the Liberals' minority government.

The Liberals have no qualms about introducing sweeping last-minute amendments to make lousy legislation an even worse Frankenstein monster piece of legislation of cobbled-together Liberal attacks. That's what they did with the handgun ban. A last-minute change to that law will lead to the banning of almost all hunting rifles in Canada.

The Liberals could do the same; reignite a version of C-36 in a last-minute amendment to their existing internet control laws to please the NDP and stay in power.

And Rebel News and those like us who may "foment detestation" and "vilification" of the government by reporting with skepticism could face crippling fines for telling the truth.

Because objective truth is what the Liberals call misinformation in these Orwellian times.

GUEST: Ian Miles Cheong joins Sheila to break down the latest drop in the ongoing saga of the Twitter files that reveal the US government used the media to create a guise of validity for a Russia-collusion hoax. Twitter then enforced the consequences of being a Russian actor on unsuspecting, largely innocent Twitter users.


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