The path we're going down is intolerable and untenable: an interview with Bruce Pardy

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Bruce Pardy is one of the smartest guys in Canada and one of the few freedom fighters left in academia. On tonight's episode of the Ezra Levant Show we dive straight into a wide-ranging interview discussing the state of everything from law and politics to freedom, civil liberties, journalism and activism.

He's a professor of law at Queen's University, the boss of Rights Probe and one of the last remaining freedom-oriented professors willing to stick their neck out in today's woke society.

We discuss ongoing persecution of another academic Jordan Peterson which Pardy describes as a 'case for the times' after the Ontario College of Psychologists summoned Peterson to an ethics hearing, not due to complaints from any of his patients, but over public tweets made on his personal Twitter account.

Pardy says that if you are not on board with a essentially a progressive ideology you find yourself aligned against the system which has been overtaken by the woke agenda.

"This is the way totalitarian societies grow up," Pardy says. "Everybody's on the same page and nobody challenges each other about where it is that we're going."

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