Wouldn’t it be strange if Mexico and Germany saved us from American censorship?

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I love Canada and it’s my home. My great-grandparents came here in 1903, before Alberta was even a province.

But being a Canadian doesn’t mean we can’t admit that the United States is the greatest force for freedom in the world. In fact, part of the reason it’s so great to be Canadian is that we have the U.S. right next to us geographically, physically, commercially, culturally, linguistically, militarily.

Imagine if we were located somewhere far away, surrounded by bad guys — like Taiwan is, or Israel is. Or even Australia, too close to China for comfort.

So we’re lucky. But there has been a sudden and dark shift in America’s greatest industry, the tech industry. What, just ten years ago, was the freest place in the word — the Internet — is now the least free place. It’s the most spied upon place, place of no privacy. And now it’s a place of the most regulation and censorship. And in a terrifying way, it’s not government regulation and censorship — it’s whimsical corporate oligarchic censorship.

But wouldn’t it be something if every country around the world reclaimed their social media, and took it back from the American oligarchs. Would you have local censorship? Would Uganda be any better than Silicon Valley?

In some cases, no. But frankly, I’d rather have 200 little tyrants, than one colossus in Silicon Valley.

NEXT: Breitbart's technology editor Allum Bokhari (@LibertarianBlue on Twitter) on the international outcry over the censorship of Donald Trump.

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