First came compelled speech, now there's compelled clothing

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies roasts the woke concept of compelled clothing. Imagine being required to wear specific attire to show support for a particular ideology. This isn't fiction — it's happening right now. Welcome to the new age of mandated approval.

Same-sex marriage is legal across Canada, and societal acceptance is generally widespread. But we’ve moved beyond acceptance to an era where anything less than full-throated approval is somehow seen as bigotry.

The transgender subset of the rainbow crowd seems to have shifted from seeking equal rights to demanding special rights. Men identifying as women are competing in women’s sports, disrupting competitive fairness.

In some cases, biological men are housed in women's shelters and prisons, raising safety obvious concerns. Somehow, these actions are often now excused under the banner of 'diversity, equity, and inclusion.'

Take the Toronto Police Service, for example. A trans man (a biological woman identifying as a man) can keep a potentially weaponizable item like a dildo during a pat-down because it's considered a gender-affirming article. This illustrates how far institutions are going to accommodate specific identities, sometimes at the expense of general safety protocols.

Public safety is being compromised in the name of ideological compliance. Men are participating in and sometimes injuring women in contact sports like rugby and boxing. This isn’t about equality anymore; it’s about appeasement, regardless of the consequences.

In Toronto, a police officer drives a special transgender-themed cruiser to provide rides for transgender individuals. While this might seem supportive, it raises questions about the use of public resources. This officer’s car, adorned with pride symbols, prompted ridicule from the public, further complicating the issue.

Moreover, language itself is under siege. Pronouns like "he/him" and "she/her" are now joined by a confusing array of new ones like "xe/xem" and "ze/zir." Officer Chevalier of Toronto Police has coined the term "nibbling" for a non-binary relative. This linguistic innovation is part of a broader trend of compelled speech where refusing to use certain terms can result in social or professional penalties.

The latest development in this saga of enforced compliance comes from a Rexall Pharmacy in Brighton, Ontario. Employees reported that a manager demanded they wear rainbow-themed apparel during Pride Month. This directive was issued regardless of the employees' personal beliefs, including those of devout Christians and Muslims who were uncomfortable with the mandate.

The manager allegedly told her staff, "You do not have to agree with pride, but you must show support for pride." This Orwellian edict belongs in a dystopian novel rather than a workplace. Some employees feared reprisals and possible termination if they didn't comply.

Despite reaching out to Rexall’s media relations department, Rebel News received no response. The lack of communication suggests that this was likely a unilateral decision rather than a corporate directive. David's visits to other Rexall stores in the Greater Toronto Area confirmed this, as staff were observed in standard uniforms rather than rainbow-themed attire.

Ironically, when the manager expected a visit from head office, she instructed her staff to revert to their normal uniforms, revealing the hypocrisy of her initiative. The manager herself was not wearing the mandated rainbow apparel, embodying the "do as I say, not as I do" mentality.

This situation at Rexall highlights the troubling trend of compelled compliance in our society. The move from tolerance to mandated support not only infringes on personal freedoms but also creates a culture of fear and hypocrisy.

It's a disturbing development that calls for serious reflection on the direction we are heading as a society.

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