Opposition to mass immigration is top of mind for UK voters

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Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, I report from the United Kingdom on their general election, and the rise of Reform UK.

Millions of people head to the polls tonight in what is widely expected to be a blowout for the rival Labour Party. But on the rise is EU skeptic Nigel Farage and his populist party.

I asked a number of local Clacton residents—in Farage's constituency—who they would support this election, and what issues mattered to them.

Many expressed support for Reform UK, noting mass immigration is top of mind.

One man voiced his concerns about illegal immigrants with potential links to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda or al-Shabaab entering the country via boats. "Where's their wives and children? They're not all fleeing war," he said.

Four young men from Clacton, UK said they support Farage's UK Reform party and agree that current immigration levels are too high.

I also spoke with a Labour volunteer about her thoughts on local candidate Javon Owusu-Nepaul reportedly posting controversial comments on social media. Nepaul allegedly previously replied to a post about drinking "white man tears" by saying, “My favourite drink”.

As election stations close across the country, Reform UK is expected to finish fourth in the polls and elect 13 MPs. Rebel News will be on the ground to document the results.

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