Nigel Farage heads to Parliament following key election victory

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Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, I report on the aftermath of a historic general election in the United Kingdom.

Millions of people headed to the polls yesterday, with the Labour Party blowing its competition out of the water. Though unsurprising, it served as a cautionary tail of the dark days ahead for the Island nation.

But not all was gloom and doom. EU skeptic Nigel Farage and his populist party, Reform UK, managed to make waves. 

Farage's constituency of Clacton came out in force for the Brexiter. They found his take on mass immigration, in particular, refreshing.

In recent years, Farage has gone out to observe small boats filled with migrants fleeing mainland Europe through the English Channel. You don't need to be a refugee from France. It is a perfectly safe country. 

I'm worried that entire institutions will cease to be British moving forward. The sectarian vote will undoubtedly increase.

Entire political apparatuses will start to resemble places in Pakistan, Syria, and the works. They will cease to be British in anything other than postcodes.

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