Did you know Canada gives foreign aid to China?

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There aren’t a lot of independent media in Canada, but a small company based in Ottawa called Blacklock's Reporter is one of them. They’re not cheap — a subscription is more than $300 per year. But they just plain old cover news that others don’t.

Sometime it’s with real scoops. But sometimes it’s simply by reporting what everybody else is ignoring, that’s just lying right in plain sight.

This is one of those stories:

Aid To China Is Little Known

As in, foreign aid.

Did you know Canada gives foreign aid to China?

Federal agencies paid out a total $6.5 billion in foreign aid worldwide last year according to a Statistical Report On International Assistance. A total $14.2 million went to China.

I wonder how many clean drinking water wells you could dig for $14.2 million.

You know what? We can’t give any more foreign aid money. We just can’t. We’re too broke. We’re broker than China. They have all the money — I’m not kidding, they have literally trillions in foreign currency reserves. We owe them money. Maybe they should give us foreign aid.

How about let’s help Canadians. And you know what? That said, I’d be happy to spend it on getting clean water to reserves — something Trudeau said was his top priority five years ago.

But as the Chinese propaganda accurately says, that was just a lie.

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