Immigration, nationalism, and the future of the conservative movement

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After devastating election results in the United Kingdom and France, where should conservatives stand on immigration?

Tonight, Ezra Levant hosts The Ezra Levant Show from Washington D.C. to discuss mass immigration at the National Conservatism Conference.

The utopian vision of a world without nationalism lingers on. The European Union, United Nations, progressive NGOs and the World Economic Forum sprung up to displace and minimize a nationalist resurgence after WWII.

They erased borders around the European Union, and allowed in tens of millions of migrants into a predominantly Christian part of the world. Those people who have very different worldviews, religions and cultures, and different ideas on modes of governance.

For example, there are millions of Turks in Europe, particularly Germany, who have not assimilated.

When Justin Trudeau first became prime minister, he talked about Canada becoming a post-national state. In reality, we're nothing more than a revolving hotel for displaced persons.

He previously said Canada has no core identity. Remember that. 

When it comes to surface attributes, like skin colour or language, religion or ethnicity, or background or story, how do we define the Canadian identity? How does a newcomer become and feel like a Canadian? At best, Canadian identity is additive.

Europe today provides a window into Canada's future five years from now. Make that five years of eroding our national culture.

Five years of mass immigration, and apathy from cowardly, self-interested politicians.

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