The Media Party has decided to kill Pierre Poilievre. The good news is, I think he knows that.

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Perhaps the most humiliating political act by a Canadian conservative politician in the past decade was when Andrew Scheer kept going on the CBC, including being interviewed by Rosemary Barton, when the CBC and Barton in particular were suing him.

Let me say that again, because if you don’t know this already you will find it stunning, as you should: In the 2019 election, in the middle of the election, the CBC, the state broadcaster, and Rosemary Barton, their top Ottawa reporter at the time, they literally went to court to sue the Conservative Party of Canada, right in the middle of the election. So while they were covering the Conservatives, talking to the Conservatives, pretending to treat them fairly and objectively, they were actually, behind the scenes, meeting with lawyers, drafting and reviewing lawsuits against the Conservatives.

And Andrew Scheer just smiled and submitted submissively, which is his specialty.

I mean, have you no self-respect? I guess we know the answer.

Erin O’Toole was pretty much the same way. There was no indignity that the CBC or any other liberal media could do to him that would cause him to do anything except smile and nod like a good little boy!

I mean, did they actually think that, in the moment when it counted, the CBC would, you know, be their friend? Would choose them over their dear Justin Trudeau? Did they really think that maybe the CBC and the Star and the Globe really liked them?

No, they don’t. Just like if you go to a strip club and give the dancer a tip, they’ll pretend for a moment they like you. But they don’t really like you. In fact they probably despise you.

News flash: conservatives, the media doesn’t really like you.

Would you agree with me this is the most important thing for a conservative to know? That the media hates them? A conservative knows, instinctively, that the Liberal Party of Canada doesn’t like them. You’d have to be pretty thick to miss that. But the Media Party claims it’s not a party, claims its objective and unbiased, so they can trick you. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” The greatest trick left-wing activists ever pulled was convincing the world they were in fact not activists, but fair and balanced journalists. No.

OK, you know that, I know that, I just wanted to remind you why Erin O’Toole and Andrew Scheer lost. And really, if you can’t stand up to the news media in a campaign, what’s to say you’d stand up to them once you were elected government, if that were to ever happen?

Good riddance; and now Pierre Poilievre comes to lead the party. The race is not over yet, but I think it’s easy to say Poilievre will win.

On tonight's show, we'll discuss the reaction to a Global News story that's not even a story. It's a smear; it's a fever dream of the media party.

It’s good for the media to reveal themselves t the public. But it’s better that they go to war against Poilievre. That they hate each other. And I mean hate, on an emotional level. That Poilievre knows, in case he ever had any doubt, that they hate him and would kill him (politically) if they could. That they would destroy him, want to destroy him, pledge to destroy him. That he cannot go on their shows; that he cannot woo them; that he cannot win them over. That every word they say is crooked, a trap, a trick, a lie.

He needs to know that; and he needs to be pushed away from them; he needs to push back at them. He needs to be separated from them, to not go to any cocktail receptions with them; to not regard them as his friends. He must know they deeply despise him and the best he can hope to do is avoid them and ignore them. And that if they say something to him, that it is likely meant maliciously.

That, my friends, is the best, and perhaps only way to ensure that Pierre Poilievre keeps his beliefs intact, keeps his promises. By absolutely burning any bridges of friendship and rapport with the Media Party. For it is that false friendship, and the false promise of support and love, that made Scheer and O’Toole, and every other sell-out, corrupt themselves.

I love Pierre Poilievre’s war against the media — and more importantly, I love their war against him And I hope it gets only worse — so he becomes numb to them. As most Canadians are, by the way.

GUEST: Lewis Brackpool (@Lewis_Brackpool) is in the Netherlands to cover the

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