Ten questions about vaccine passports — and a new petition against them

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As Canada slowly opens up, and as things normalize, and as the COVID-19 naturally wanes during the summertime, as all flus do, the sky-is-falling lockdownists need a way to keep the feeling of a crisis going.

So they’re focusing on vaccine passports — mandatory requirements to prove that you’ve been jabbed, or you’ll be banned from areas of your life you once enjoyed.

Manitoba has its vaccine identity cards; Quebec has announced its decision on QR codes; and Trudeau now has two-tiered travel rules, depending on your vaccine status.

Imagine if both WestJet and Air Canada announced vax passports, on the same day. With lots of nodding and winking from Trudeau to do it. It wasn’t forced on them, they’d say. It’s not a government law, they’d say.

But what if they both decide to do it at the same time — then you can’t really fly in this country, can you?

Now, flying is a luxury for most people.

But what about public transit — buses, subways, taxis. Easy to see how they’d do the same — Uber has a harsh mask mandate; I don’t doubt they’ll bring in a vax passport too.

In fact, the media has been egging it on.

I think this is the next big battle. You have been softened up for a year by wearing masks, which is the most un-human, anti-human thing to do. And now some people love them! Well, now let’s see who goes the next step of the way.

On tonight's show, I want to tell you what we’re going to to do about it.

First, we’re going to tell the story of it, from the freedom perspective, not the lockdownist, Big Pharma perspective.

Second, we’re going to try to collect the biggest petition we have ever done — which would be 200,000 names if we did. Can we get 200,000 people to sign a NoVaxPassports.ca petition? Let’s try.

And third, we’re going to try to find a great test case, to challenge the legality of these vax passports from a privacy and human rights point of view.

So one — journalism.
Two — the petition.
Three — a legal challenge.

If you’re interested, please go to NoVaxPassports.ca and sign your name — and we’ll keep you posted on what I believe will be the struggle of 2021.


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