Coronavirus in Canada: Government destruction takes over as pandemic wanes

The coronavirus pandemic is over, and now we’re seeing all the other destruction governments have caused.

Let’s start off with some good news:

Nova Scotia reports no active COVID-19 cases in the province

As in, not one person. There are almost a million people in Nova Scotia. It’s twice the size of Belgium. Not a single person has the disease.

So now that it’s over — it really never began in Nova Scotia, really — 63 deaths in the province total, I’m sorry to hear it, every one is a tragic loss. But the official models said thousands would die.

So, naturally the province’s politicians are now moving to make masks mandatory across the province:

Nova Scotia making mask-wearing mandatory in most indoor public places by July 31

That’ll kick in next week.

It’s over. I mean, 100% over. You can’t catch it, because no-one else has it. And they’re actually quarantining travels pretty strictly there. You literally cannot catch it because no-one else has it.

But the province is forcing everyone to wear masks.

Let’s go from one end of the country to the other: British Columbia has five million people. Geographically speaking, it’s 50 per cent larger than the country of France.

And with over 100 hospitals through the whole province, they have a grand total of 16 people in the hospital; three in intensive care.

It’s the case everywhere in Canada. It’s over. More and more you can hear journalists talking about “cases” — as in, how many people have the virus, but don’t actually get sick from it, or just get a little bit sick and don’t even know they have it.

This pandemic killed nearly 9,000 people. Average age — over 80. Very sorry about it.

This isn’t about health.

It’s about control.

Sorry, what else could it be?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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