Ten Things Wrong With Vaccine Passports

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I've been thinking a lot about vaccine passports, which all the other measures have been softening us up for.

I've come up with ten ideas — I'm sure I should read smarter legal minds than myself, but I just stopped and thought — what's wrong with vaccine passports? Why am I against them?

On tonight's show, let me tell you my own, homemade list of ten problems with vaccines passports.

  1. Never used before, not even for AIDS
  2. Even the vaccine producers, e.g. Pfizer, say their vaccines are risky
  3. The vaccine passport, in and of itself, violates privacy
  4. The use of vaccine passports violates privacy, too
  5. Increased government power over us
  6. Collateral uses of the information collected
  7. Security concerns
  8. Vaccine passports as part of a larger social credit system
  9. Discrimination against the unvaccinated
  10. Ignores natural immunity, which brand of vaccines a person has taken, and the possibility of endless boosters

GUEST: Benjamin Weingarten (@BHWeingarten on Twitter)

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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