What on earth is happening to Australia?

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A virus cannot be contained. It just can’t be. Not when humans are around. Because humans are social animals. We talk, and gather and travel. Viruses have always been on earth, always will be. If there were a nuclear holocaust, viruses would survive.

Since time immemorial, plagues come — read about it in the Book of Exodus, the ten plagues that God put on Egypt. Some of them weren’t literally plagues — turning the Nile river red as blood, for example. But one of the plagues was “boils” another was “lice” another was “cattle disease”. I’m going to guess viruses were involved. Black Death, the bubonic plague.

We’ve learned a bit over the centuries, over the millennia. Washing your hands is a pretty big one; keeping a sense of hygiene — making it so that rats don’t fester, for example. But really, we’ll be OK.

So back to Australia. They’ve had extremely strict lockdowns. They won’t even let tens of thousands of their own citizens come home — forget about quarantining. They just won’t let them back!

Which is odd, because politicians seem to be able to travel, because you see, they’re important.

We’ve told you about lockdowns in Australia, particularly in the state of Victoria, which is in the southeast of the country, covering the city of Melbourne. Their premier there is literally a Communist sympathizer — I don’t say that as an insult, but rather an observation. He went to China to sign a secret treaty with them.

So he presided over the worst of the lockdowns. Road check-points, to stop you from travelling more than a few kilometres away from your house. 

But now other states in Australia are in lockdown. Including New South Wales, which is where the major city of Sydney is located. And it’s actually under a kind of martial law — 300 soldiers are patrolling the streets. They’re enforcing emergency laws that essentially put the public under house arrest. I think that meets a definition of martial law. 

In Victoria, a lovely woman named Kerry Cotteril put on her face mask and went outside for a walk — which is permitted under the lockdown. But she made a cute little sign that said, “toot to boot” Dan Andrews. As in, honk. That’s it. She was by herself. And then a squad of police raided her. And specifically said — you can’t protest Dan Andrews!

They really said that. That guy really is a Communist. I know I’m using words like Nazi and Communist a lot. They’re similar creatures — authoritarian bullies who do not believe in civil liberties or dissent.

Well, you know what? We helped Kerry Cotteril. Our Australian viewers crowdfunded a lawyer for her. Not only to fight her fine — but to challenge the whole thing in the Supreme Court of Victoria!

And wouldn’t you know it, the past two days, that’s what’s been happening! With an amazing lawyer — Kathleen Foley, Harvard-trained, top notch. I think we’ve got a real chance. There’s one more day of hearings, on Monday in Melbourne, which is Sunday night, Canada time.

You can watch it on the Internet, it’s pretty exciting, I have to say, watching a top lawyer grill WHO public health officers. You can do that at SaveVictoria.com.

I think we have a chance of winning, though I know judges are loath to oppose governments, even though this ‘emergency” seems to be permanent now.

But let me leave you with some hope. Instead of an interview today, I’m going to play this whole video now. It’s so beautiful to me; I think the absence of a reporter makes it purer, in a way: it’s just the people, just speaking from the heart, about why they love Australia, and why they are despairing at what’s happening, but why they will protest anyways.

I really loved this, and it gave me some hope, too. So let me play for you this video in full.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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