An airline CEO comes out against the vaccine mandate

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I was very surprised to see this yesterday. It’s a public comment, on Twitter, by Alexis von Hoensbroech, the CEO of WestJet, Canada’s second-largest airline.

Wow. And he links to a CTV story:

Federal COVID-19 border restrictions extended for another month

I’m worried for Alexis von Hoensbroech. You simply don’t speak out against Trudeau in Canada. Von Hoensbroech might not know that part either. When I think of hyper-regulated industries in Canada, I think of firearms; I think of tobacco; I think of the banks; and I think of airlines. A government could kill an airline with the flick of its tail; von Hoensbroech is daring Trudeau, challenging him.

I notice that Air Canada and Flair Air or whatever the small others are called, they’re staying very silent, hiding very quietly right now. They’re not coming forward to show unity. That would not only save WestJet, it would likely tip the scales, and help push to freedom. But they would rather see their competitor, their rival, massacred by Trudeau than have the problem fixed.

They’re happy for this European tourist to be mugged.

But it’s all a reminder of how our national temperament, our national conscience has been warped; the way we look at the world; what we have accepted — it’s not normal. We’re outliers; we’re weird; Trudeau is making us a worse version than we were before. On censorship. On poverty. On civil liberties. On pandemic response.

You know, von Hoensbroech isn’t the strange one — the rest of the cowards are. Canadians as a whole are.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano (@Franco_nomics), Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, on his recent article Documents show PMO staff held meetings on home equity taxes.

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