EXCLUSIVE: CAHN whines that police won't take their frivolous hate complaints seriously

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid

Access to information documents from the Heritage Ministry obtained by Rebel News shows the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) found "that engaging law enforcement in this way is not particularly fruitful."

The internal memos, detailing communications between the Heritage Ministry and the CAHN, indicate police forces were all but ignoring the complaints of hateful conduct online that the organization was granted $268,400 to submit.

"We continue to file professional and lawyer-reviewed criminal complaints that provide evidence of criminal activity by members and supporters of hate-promoting groups. However, since applying for the grant, we have been disappointed to find that engaging law enforcement in this way is not particularly fruitful.

CAHN is oft-cited by the mainstream media as an expert group in tracking hate organizations online and has collaborated with the Liberal Government to create a so-called "anti-hate toolkit" for use in Canadian schools. That toolkit listed the use of memes, the Red Ensign, and supporting Donald Trump as problematic behaviours that should be monitored in students and reported to teachers.

In response to police failing to arrest problematic memers, CAHN began censoring political enemies by complaining directly to social media companies to take down users' posts.

"Now, while we still file those complaints, we put less of an emphasis there and pursue other legal avenues in cases of criminality too (eg. lawyer-drafted complaints to social media platforms)."

CAHN has also used at least one lawsuit to attempt to silence critical journalists.

A judge's ruling against CAHN in the organization's lawsuit against journalist Jon Kay and his mother, Barbara, linked CAHN to Antifa, the radical left-wing group which frequently uses violence against its political enemies.

GUEST: Josh Andrus, Executive Director at the Project Confederation joins the show for analysis of the recent United Conservative Party election win.
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