A conversation with a Media Party insider — it's quite revealing!

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I saw the most astonishing comment the other day, coming from a charter member of the Media Party. It truly was a work of art; it should be in a museum of some sort — it just captures the essence of the sneering media elites. It’s on Twitter, so it was meant as a sort of sneer, a sort of virtue signal, as most tweets are; a sign of status.

It was a journalist who was replying to Pierre Poilievre here:

Rachel Gilmore, of Global News, seemed to take it personally.

She replied — on behalf of her guild, it felt like:

How can hearing from someone directly possibly be less clear than hearing from them via a middle-man?

GUEST: Selene Galas (@Selenecxliv) on Justin Trudeau's visit to Calgary last night.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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