What's really going on with the global pandemic treaty in Geneva?

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reports from Geneva as freedom fighters gather to oppose the United Nations' proposed global pandemic treaty.

Geneva has become ground zero in a heated battle over a new global pandemic treaty, with the United Nations and the World Health Organization at the forefront.

On one side, powerful entities and politicians push for measures they argue will protect global health. On the other, thousands of Europeans and allies from around the world rally to defend their civil liberties.

Geneva, home to major UN offices and the WHO, is hosting the World Health Assembly's discussions on a global pandemic treaty.

This treaty aims to normalize the harsh measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing them to be swiftly enacted in future events.

To some, the idea of a global pandemic treaty might seem like a proactive step, however many now understand the motivations behind it raise big concerns.

The UN, big pharmaceutical companies, authoritarian politicians and public health officials are eager to institutionalize the drastic measures taken during the pandemic.

They are looking to codify these actions into international law, effectively ensuring that in any future health crisis, governments can immediately implement similar restrictions without the need for debate or approval.

What we experienced in the darkest times of lockdown madness is being glorified by those in power, who see the opportunity for greater control.

For leaders like Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden and other globalists, the UN represents a convenient venue to craft policies without facing direct accountability to their citizens. This detachment from national oversight underscores why Geneva has become a crucial battleground.

The voices of those opposing the treaty are strong, but the forces behind it are equally powerful.

GUESTS: Dr. James Lindsay, Author Bret Weinstein and more.

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