Violence breaks out over trans teachings in our schools

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As the world embraces an era of "inclusivity and diversity," Ezra questions why our schools have become an indoctrinated fairground for Pride politics.

A recent video from St. Matthew's School, a Catholic institution in St. John's, Newfoundland Island, demonstrated young students taking part in Pride celebrations. However, the appropriateness of introducing these adult themes to children in religious institutions requires profound reflection.

Shortly after the post raised the alarm, the school made their Twitter account private, raising eyebrows about their ostensibly contradictory actions. Shouldn't the openness espoused by Pride be reflected in all associated activities? Aren't they proud? Isn't that what "pride" is all about?

Some parents express their resistance by keeping their children home from school during Pride events. In Ottawa, an alarming rise in absenteeism has been noted during such activities, with some schools experiencing a startling 60% absentee rate. This parental response highlights a widespread discomfort about prematurely exposing children to the complexities of adult sexuality and gender debates.

And concerns over the new sex education curriculum have been voiced. In Toronto, protests over the content were rampant, leading to high absentee rates, particularly in schools with large Muslim populations.

While some will say the conversation about comprehensive sex education is necessary, it's vital to ensure that it is delivered in an age-appropriate manner.

In the professional sports world, instances like the controversy surrounding baseball player Anthony Bass, who the Media Party say shares "anti-LGBTQ sentiments," reflect the societal discord.

He backed a boycott against brands supporting the LGBTQ lifestyle, citing his religious beliefs. However, the media's reporting of such incidents often lacks transparency, raising concerns about the manipulation of narratives.

As the argument evolves, one significant concern remains constant: the appropriateness of involving children in adult sexual and gender discussions. The essence of Pride is to celebrate adult sexuality and advocate for equality, but extending these principles to children raises serious ethical questions.

GUEST: Billboard Chris, joins the show to speak on his upcoming rally this Friday, "Education over Indoctrination" where he'll be protesting against gender ideology in schools.

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