A scuffle breaks out at duelling rallies over transgenderism. But there's a surprising wrinkle to it

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I saw this tweet today by a journalism professor, so you can imagine what he’s like:

Professor Dearn is very excitable, as you can see: 

Yeah that’s not true. But you can see the good journalism professor calls anyone he doesn’t like white supremacists. In fact, many truckers are Indo-Canadian or Indigenous; it was quite a diverse group at the trucker convoy. And, no, they weren’t 90% vaxxed; that’s propaganda; and even if they were, the point of the truckers was freedom of choice, and bodily autonomy, which are things the left used to care about.

In another tweet he calls the truckers “domestic terrorists”.

But let’s compare the professor’s tweet — and I just selected him at random from dozens of angry Ottawa leftists — let’s compare it with reality.

I’m going to show you a few video clips from the fracas, but I think this one is the most gripping. I mean, it’s really quite startling. Here’s a tweet from our friend Rupa Subramanya, who was down there covering it:


OK, that’s pretty tame. But let me show you some more: 

I think this family — given their hijabs — is very very socially conservative, and I’m not sure if they think gay rights or gay sex is acceptable in any form. Just a guess by me. But what are they saying here — they’re focused on children, children as young as kindergarten. You heard that mom — she doesn’t want her kids to go to school anymore, because she can’t believe what’s being taught, as a surprise.

OK. But look at this. Just take a look:

And that one lad had a poster saying male/female, home school. I’m not sure what that means — but I think it’s safe to say if those kids aren’t being home schooled now, they will be. Or maybe they’ll go to a Muslim school.

We saw a mass boycott of schools the other day — in Ottawa, up to 60% of kids from some schools stayed home. That’s a huge rebellion. I think most of the ethnic communities with this in mind wouldn’t go out to a street protest — they’d just do what those kids are suggesting: they’ll get out of the school system run by the government, and either do it themselves, or do it in a Muslim school.

Here’s a letter by Ontario’s education minister, Stephen Lecce. Who says he’s a Conservative.

It is incumbent on all school boards to ensure all students – most especially 2SLGBTQ+ students – feel supported, reflected in their schools, and welcomed within our communities. That includes celebrating Pride in a constructive, positive and meaningful ways to affirm that 2SLGBTQ+ students know that their educators and staff, school board administrators, and government stand with them.

We firmly believe that all publicly funded schools must be safe spaces for all children, regardless of race, heritage, faith, sexuality, and gender.”

Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it? A safe space for gender activism and for Islam? Are those two things really compatible?

Here’s the B.C. minister of education:

In 2016, the B.C. Human Rights Code was amended to ensure that gender identity and expression are protected under the code. All schools must comply with the Human Rights Code and demonstrate they are creating safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for our students and staff.

That’s another way of saying, do the trans thing or be prosecuted. I mean, there’s no other way to read it.

I think, of course, that the far bigger weapon to use is social pressure, cancel culture, that sort of thing. Shaming someone on Twitter; boycotting someone; telling them they’re a bad person. People who don’t want to be alienated from the establishment.

That was the tactic used against established Canadians, who cared about those sorts of things.

But what if you’re not part of the establishment; if you’re not on Twitter; if you don’t care about peer pressure. If you’re a Muslim mom who is new to Canada, and you’re adjusting to this country, and there’s a lot of great things about it, and a lot of things that are stretching you beyond your norms, especially in your home country, but this, this is just a bridge too far.

Do you care what Stephen Lecce says, or what Twitter says? You’re not really in that social circle; they can’t ban you; you don’t work outside the home anyways, so they can’t fire you.

You are resistant to the woke mob. As in, you don’t even care about them, you don’t even know that they’re being mean to you, because you don’t follow them on social media.

But here’s the interesting part — the woke people don’t know how to fight them. How do you fight against moms in hijabs, speaking in an accent? How do you fight against kids stomping on Pride flags?

Recently, in London, Ontario, a kid apparently defaced a Pride flag. You can deface a statue of Sir John A., you can tear up the Canadian flag, but don’t you touch the holy relic of the woke movement. Seriously, police are looking into that “hate crime”.

So how do you go full hate crime investigation against a “white, Christian” who defaces a Pride flag, but turn a blind eye when visible minority Muslim kids do it, with the approval of their parents?

Again, if those were white kids, the Children’s Aid Society would be paying them a visit — don’t laugh; that’s what Ottawa Police Service threatened to do to truckers whose kids were with them. Methinks that the government trying to take Muslim kids away from their parents for political reasons would be the worst political miscalculation since hiring David Johnston to look into Chinese influence.

But back to the journalism professor’s tweet. "Police stand idly by and watch while alt-right & religious extremists break the law.”

Alt-right? Is that what those kids were? Religious extremists? Are they talking about those kids or their moms?

They sure talk about white supremacists and white this and white that, but let’s be candid — it’s the white moms and dads who roll over for the Pride machine, because they’re worried about being cancelled, or seeming gauche.

There were white protesters — I’m not the one who brought race into this, the other side did. The whitest of them all, of course, were the pro-Pride, pro-trans activists, and their Antifa street gangs. Who attacked the peaceful protesters: here’s a video filmed by Beth Baisch of The Post Millennial — it shows the two sides.

Which one is more diverse? Which one is hiding their faces?

To my surprise, Ottawa police actually did detain some of the Antifa thugs. Let’s see if they’re immediately released without charge, as opposed to being jailed for 50 days like Tamara Lich.

The protest did include a few white men — all apologies. Namely Billboard Chris, who we interviewed the other day. But he literally just stands there with his billboard, and engages in calm conversation.

And would you look at that: 

There’s Billboard Chris, with his billboard, standing with a trans person and a gay person. Why would they do that? Because they agree with his message — children cannot decide to do this. Children cannot make these decisions — irrevocable decisions, puberty blockers, hormones, even grotesque surgeries.

You can be a trans person, a gay person, and not want children carved up like pumpkins, as Sheila Gunn Reid calls it.

But how will this be reported? I saw other independent media there — Post Millennial, True North, Counter Signal, and we were there — and we hired two bodyguards for our people. Our friend Harrison from True North was roughed up a bit; they hate anyone who isn’t a propagandist for them. Look at what Rupa says:

Exactly. Being trans isn’t being the underdog. It’s the ultimate establishment ideology. Every government, every corporation, every university, every media outlet. It’s the contrarians, the independents, who speak out.

And we have a voice, and a growing voice. But I bet I know what the front page of the Ottawa Citizen will look like tomorrow. I mean no need to guess — you’ve already heard from the journalism professor, in charge of ideologically training the next generation of reporters for the regime.

I don’t think you’ll see that picture of the Muslim lady and her kids stomping on flags on the front page. I could be wrong. But that’s just too much of a challenge to the woke mindset. Best to pretend it never happened — and that it was just violent right-wing white guys.

GUEST: April Hutchinson, Team Canada powerlifter on the intrusion of trans ideology in weightlifting bureaucracy.

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