Canadian government pays academics to spy on Rebel News and other conservative outlets

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reveals how the Canadian government is allocating funds to academics to spy on Rebel News and other conservative outlets.

It's no secret that governments monitor their citizens, often using the guise of security or public safety. However, recent activities by the Canadian government indicate a more targeted approach, specifically aimed at conservative media outlets like Rebel News.

This government-backed surveillance raises significant concerns about the erosion of free speech and the growing trend of ideological censorship.

During the pandemic, the government demonstrated its willingness to track citizens' movements by compelling cell phone companies to share user data, ostensibly to monitor compliance with lockdown measures.

Similarly, social media platforms are often pressured to suspend or limit the reach of accounts critical of government policies.

In a particularly egregious instance, the ArriveCAN app, which was purportedly for COVID-19 tracking, functioned as a form of mild spyware, compelling travellers to divulge personal health information. These measures exemplify how the state leverages technology to extend its reach into private lives under the pretense of public health and safety.

Now, the government has institutionalized this surveillance through funding research on "misinformation and disinformation," a euphemism for monitoring conservative media.

Rebel News, among others, is frequently the subject of such scrutiny. These so-called experts are essentially tasked with determining the veracity of news content, a role traditionally left to the public's discretion.

Interestingly, these government-funded fact-checkers rarely, if ever, scrutinize government statements, revealing a glaring bias.

This trend poses a serious threat to the freedom of speech and democracy in Canada.

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