The chutzpah of the 'Little Gaza' university encampment knows no bounds

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies reflects on how in a world where audacity knows no bounds, the term 'chutzpah' captures the essence of sheer gall. This year, 2024, presents an unparalleled act of chutzpah, unfolding at the University of Toronto's 'Little Gaza.'

For over six weeks, this makeshift camp has stood defiantly, its occupants flagrantly violating the Trespass Act. The encampment could have been dismantled immediately, as similar situations at the University of Calgary and York University were handled.

However, University of Toronto president, Meric Gertler, seems to lack the backbone to act, seemingly caving to what can only be described as a hostile takeover of the university’s public space.

The boldness of these squatters is astonishing. Rather than acknowledging their unlawful presence, they operate as though they own the land.

Entry into this encampment is heavily controlled; approval is based on expressing pro-Hamas, anti-Israel sentiments. Attempts to enter without conforming to these views are met with resistance, as evidenced by videos showing the exclusion of dissenters, including Jewish professors from UofT.

The irony intensifies with the distribution of a pamphlet titled 'Community Guidelines & Principles of Unity.' Squatters, who blatantly disregard the law, are dictating rules to others. Their guidelines claim 'inclusivity,' yet videos reveal the exclusion of those who don’t share their ideology.

Among the guidelines are assertions like 'No hate symbols' and prohibitions on flags except those supporting Palestine and its allies. However, signs within the camp feature slogans like 'From the river to the sea' and 'Intifada,' which many interpret as calls for the annihilation of Israel.

This doublespeak extends to referring to Hamas and Hezbollah as 'contentious political groups' rather than recognizing their classification as terrorist organizations by multiple countries.

The camp’s zero-tolerance policy on hate speech and discrimination rings hollow. This is exemplified by an incident where a student openly expressed anti-Canadian sentiments, receiving cheers from her peers. The hypocrisy is glaring: the camp condemns racism yet indulges in it selectively.

A counter-demonstration against the camp’s antisemitism was aggressively disrupted by the encampment’s residents.

This behaviour contradicts their guideline to 'avoid repeatedly being rude or lacking courtesy.' Yet, rudeness seems to be a constant feature of their interactions.

The real enablers of this situation are the university’s administration. Their failure to act decisively, contrasted with their swift removal of a pro-Israel encampment, highlights a blatant double standard. The administration’s paralysis by analysis and excessive politeness in dealing with the encampment emboldens the squatters.

Despite repeated warnings and trespass notices, the camp persists. The university is now seeking an injunction to remove the encampment, but given past inaction, it’s uncertain if this will be enforced.

The likely outcome is continued inaction throughout the summer, demonstrating the administration’s reluctance to confront the issue head-on.

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