Trudeau conveniently gets COVID as Toronto Pearson airport mayhem continues to unfold

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid

Odd timing. Convenient. Maybe a little too convenient.

Justin Trudeau — with his four jabs, his double masking and his creepy insistence that those around him be at least doubled dosed with the COVID vaccine — has tested positive for upper respiratory illness for the second time in five months.

It seems as though anytime a progressive politician or pseudo politician might face accountability or at least the ire of an angry, confused public, a COVID diagnosis strikes. America's chief medical officer, Anthony (four doses) Fauci has been stricken with the disease, just as he is required to testify before a senate committee to answer for his handling of the pandemic. He is being made to testify via video.

When the trucker landed in Ottawa to protest remaining COVID restrictions on January 28, 2022, Trudeau was already on his second day of self-isolation for COVID. He would not test positive for the virus for three more days. And he got to be out of Dodge and out of commission when the anti-mandate protesters moved into town for three-plus weeks.

Now, there is near-uniform anger at the mayhem unfolding at Canada's largest airport, Toronto Pearson as Canadian airports, short-staffed due to vaccine firings and layoffs, are forced to pivot into biomedical facilities. Trudeau has angered people on all sides of the vaccine mandate debate by rolling back the airport rules. Those in support of mandates are mad. Those against are mad about what took so long and that Trudeau, just two weeks ago, voted against a Conservative motion to end the rules.

And so along comes Trudeau's old buddy, COVID for another assist!

Trudeau is back isolating and thanking his four vaccines that didn't work. He really is grateful though. Those failure vaccines have rescued him once again from accountability.

GUEST: William Diaz-Berhiaume (@WDiazBerthiaume), on his latest politician scrumming in Ottawa.

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