China floats its third aircraft carrier. Who do you think it’s designed to attack?

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Hey it’s pride month out there. Here’s a tweet by a four-star admiral in U.S.:

Well, the rainbow fireworks and streamers were very evident in China’s military, too — including what they call the People’s Liberation Army Navy. Here they are today, rolling out their third aircraft carrier, called the Fujian. This is in Chinese, but pride is pride — look at the rainbow fireworks:

Both militaries are proud in their own way. By the way, this new Chinese aircraft carrier has electro-magnetic catapults, they’re called — that’s what gets the jets going very fast, so they can take off on such a short runway. So, most aircraft carriers floating today use steam-powered catapults.

So that’s the old technology. The new technology is electromagnetic catapults. Only the newest American aircraft carriers have them. Oh — and so does this new Chinese aircraft carrier. 

Fujian, by the way, is the name of the Chinese province right across from Taiwan — a premonition perhaps of its mission to attack and conquer that country. In the past, the U.S. Navy would just sail a carrier in there and tamp down any Chinese ambitions.

I’m worried about this new aircraft carrier in China. Not today. But maybe in two years. For sure in five years, when its likely joined by a sister ship. And when China has decided that it can take out Taiwan faster than the U.S. can send help — and that the U.S. really wouldn’t have the moral stamina to cut itself off from Chinese goods and services, from Tiktok to Apple computers.

Oh well. That Chinese aircraft carrier had rainbow fireworks. So what — the US Navy’s Twitter page changes its emblem to the pride parade.

I mean, if you’re going to lose a war, you might as well look fabulous while you do.

GUEST: Gordon G. Chang (@GordonGChang) on the new carrier.

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