Toronto's by-election shocker foretells a Liberal 'wipe out' next election

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The Trudeau Liberals lose a stronghold in the heart of Toronto. It's an incredible result.

Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, I go over what that means for the country in lead up to next year's general election.

For context, pigs would fly if Calgary Southwest ever fell to the Liberals. And that is exactly what happened.

You could get a feeling that something was afoot because every day another cabinet minister came to the riding to canvass voters.

It was an enormous effort. All hands on deck--with lots of selfies to take.

Rather than field someone new, the Liberals in typical Liberal fashion, named Leslie Church their candidate. She is a former senior adviser to Chrystia Freeland, and carried with her some of that policy residue.

Even though Church was more physically presentable, less irritating, she was still a Freeland gal. An establishment pick with Trudeau's face plastered on her campaign materials.

The Official Opposition ended up pulling the upset of the decade by the narrowest of margins. A win is still a win.

Though no by-election vote will radically change the government, you're sending a message today that will be shared in the general election.

I don't think the Liberals will go down to two seats. They have strongholds in Toronto and Montreal that will probably survive any flood.

They'll be under 30 seats next October. Rest assured, a wipe out is coming.

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