Britain is down but not out as Reform UK renews hope, puts country first

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Nigel Farage is back in the United Kingdom. And politics there just got a whole lot more exciting.

Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, I discuss the rise of the U.K.'s sensible, populist movement that seeks to put its country first.

The British Empire was the greatest empire to ever exist. And although it has faded, much of that greatness remains.

There are so many appalling things in the U.K. that irk me, courtesy of the Conservative Party that is conservative in name only. They permitted open borders to fester, migrant labour to exploit local industry, and Islamic extremism to call the country home. 

Rishi Sunak, the leader of the party, gives the appeal of a globalist banker who doesn't understand the real struggles of everyday people.

Sunak talks tough about immigration, but more boats come every day. He is also a huge backer of 'net-zero' ideology.

Meanwhile the United Kingdom has been at the forefront of the Russian-Ukraine war. It was the UK that scotched a peace deal that could have been had over a year ago, according to several diplomats.

But what are you going to do about it? Because the leading opposition party is the Labor Party. On each of the issues, they are spectacularly worse.

Freedom-oriented nationalists are stuck between a rock and a hard place. What choice will populist voters have at the polls? Enter Reform UK.

GUEST: Cosmin Dzsurdzsa, Senior Researcher at True North, discusses the potential return of vaccine mandates in Canada.

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