It has been 933 days since China kidnapped two Canadian citizens, and Justin Trudeau is more pro-China than ever

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Did you know that Senator Yuen Pau Woo is the head of the biggest party in the Senate? I doubt one in a thousand Canadians know that.

But they should. Because he’s quite something. And he’s on a real roll lately.

You know, I checked, and it’s been 933 days as of today that China kidnapped Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. 933 days. It’s a dictatorship. It’s a rogue country, China. I think we can stop pretending that the Wuhan virus was naturally occurring.

Yeah, it’s a tough question — is China worse in how it treats its own people, or in how it treats the rest of the world?

But here’s what Senator Yuen Pau Woo said in the Senate very recently:

Wow. Was that speech — was it actually written in Beijing? I mean, that’s what Beijing itself says. It’s just weird hearing it in stereo — once from Beijing itself, and once from Canada’s Senate.

That’s the majority leader in Trudeau’s Senate.

He’s warning us. We have to do what China says. We have to pay the political ransom.

How this man can be in the Canadian Senate at all is baffling — but how is it that he is the majority leader in the Senate? Trudeau’s main man, and the man the others all follow?

Even the CBC state broadcaster thinks maybe he’s a bit over the top. When the CBC says you’re a bit too into Beijing, it’s time to rethink things.

Real question: why do we even have diplomatic relations with China?

Are we succeeding in any way? Not with Kovrig and Spavor; but with anything?


You know why.

GUEST: Aaron Gunn (@AaronGunn on Twitter) on the cancellation of Canada Day and the vandalism of statues.

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