Everything they said about Russian foreign interference, they've done with China

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Everything Justin Trudeau accuses you of doing is projection. He accuses you of being a racist, he wears blackface so often he can't remember how many times he's worn it; He accuses you of sexism, he gropes a female journalist and tells her “people can experience interactions differently.” He says he supports Canada's Indigenous population; he fires his Indigenous justice minister to coverup his corruption and creates a new holiday only to skip out and go surfing.

The Liberals tried to claim the truckers in the Freedom Convoy were foreign-funded. Except they weren't — GoFundMe themselves says so.

His allies in the mainstream media even said the truckers were taking orders from Putin. The CBC ombudsman, Jack Nagler, was forced to say he was “disappointed that programmers” linked Russia to the Freedom Convoybut that reporter was promoted

Trudeau's man at the University of Calgary claimed Maxime Bernier, Rupa Subramanya and Rebel News were Russian fronts! Bernier's People's Party of Canada can't accept foreign funds; Rupa very clearly works for Postmedia and True North.

It's all lies.

I checked, and 0.0026% of our supporters are in Russia. Which makes me think our website might actually be banned there, because we literally have supporters all over the world. Maybe we’re throttled in Russia because I wrote a book denouncing Putin’s natural gas monopoly, Gazprom, and mocked him pretty hard.

They always accuse Conservatives of “U.S.-style” campaigning. Stephen Harper gave a speech to some Americans once, and the Liberals said this proved his allegiance to some radical right-wing agenda. They used it in campaign ads.

But they're the ones completely linked to the U.S. Democrats. Just look at the relationship between Trudeau and Hillary Clinton. Or what about between Trudeau and billionaire George Soros?

The Liberals and NDP are the ones hiring the Democrat strategists behind former president Barack Obama's campaign. 

They knew exactly who to go to as they were putting together their own data operation for the 2015 campaign. They hired Precision Strategies, a U.S. firm created by some of the masterminds behind the Obama campaign’s data operation, including Jen O’Malley Dillon, the architect of Mr. Obama’s data strategy and field operation.

According to Precision, she led the firm’s work for the Liberals, “designing and orchestrating an energized campaign effort that leveraged the same tools and strategy that yielded extraordinary success” for Obama.

Imagine if the Conservatives had contracted out their campaign to the Republicans!

But now we know they contracted out work to the Obama Democrats. And that money from China came to the Trudeau Foundation. And that China backed Liberal candidates in federal elections. And that there was a sketchy donation made to Trudeau's own riding association, linked again to China.

Everything they accused you of doing — they've done it. Taking money from foreigners, foreign interference, foreign propaganda. All of it!

Trudeau announced this week that he was giving about $5.5 million to more “disinformation efforts.” Of course, we know that will be used to target Trudeau's enemies.

And we certainly know it won't be used to target China, because Mary Ng, the corrupt trade minister, says accusations against China are racist. So you know she's a good Trudeau cabinet minister.

Everything they accuse you of doing is what they did first. They project; they have a guilty conscience; plus they want to say it first about you, before you say it about them!

Because they know you care about not being racist, or sexist, or corrupt, so you will stop and answer in good faith — but it was a bad faith attack.

GUEST: True North's Lindsay Shepherd on Alberta and B.C. not accepting migrants from Roxham Road.

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