Our most rambunctious alumnus: An interview with Gavin McInnes

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On tonight's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra interviews Gavin McInnes, the creator of hipsterism and founder of Censored.tv.

Levant introduces McInnes, who he describes as "rambunctious," and highlights his contributions to Vice and Rebel News, as well as his new projects.

The interview focuses on free speech issues, cancel culture, and McInnes' interview with Kanye West. Levant also asks McInnes about Elon Musk's recent purchase of Twitter, which McInnes believes was for the purpose of liberating it.

McInnes explains that Censored.tv is home to people who are considered too radical or unspeakable, but who are simply "normal sane dad culture" by today's standards.

McInnes believes that censoring people has become mainstream and that he is providing a platform for those who are being silenced.

He also acknowledges that his views may be edgier than Rebel News but argues that he is thriving because he is meeting a demand.

During the interview, McInnes pressed upon the importance of free speech and open dialogue which he says we "used to have" when ultra controversial voices like David Duke could be heard on CNN arguing with the likes of Wolf Blitzer or even Richard Spencer on ESPN.

"Bad ideas get rooted out. Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant. And then the left realized that a lot of people on the right, even the dissident right, are pretty intelligent. And as they got dumber, the far right got smarter. And these these debates were becoming were becoming abusive, basically because our side knew so much and their side knew so little," he said.

McInnes said that despite being censored and banned on mainstream platforms, he has found himself at home outside of the system and noted that despite the best efforts of the woke establishment, his ideas are "still getting out there".

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