Dr. James Lindsay on Cultural Marxism

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There are not a lot of public intellectuals on the right — I'm not sure why. I think it's the same reason there's not a lot of comedians on the right, or movie stars on the right. I think the culture of the industry is against it, and you either choose to go somewhere where you're liked or you're crushed and converted into being a leftist.

I also think that a lot of public intellectuals speak in a form of gobbledygook on purpose — they use jargon, they look to hide meaning, not make it plain. We can think of conservative public intellectuals — Jordan Peterson, I think is the most profound examples in recent years, and the fact that he's Canadian makes it all the more remarkable. I think that conservatives generally are skeptical of public intellectuals, but when we find one who's conservative, we really value them, because they're so rare. That's how I feel about conservative journalists and conservative lawyers.

On tonight's show, we have a public intellectual in every meaning of that word.

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