Joe Biden is the only world leader who makes Justin Trudeau look smart

Guest: Barbara Kay

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Tonight: Joe Biden comes to Canada — perhaps the only world leader who can make Justin Trudeau look smart.

Yesterday the TikTok CEO was grilled by U.S. lawmakers on Capitol Hill. TikTok is a Chinese company, and China has laws that state that every tech company must give unfettered back-door access to their entire systems to the Chinese security state. As in, everything TikTok knows, the Chinese secret police and military know. They don’t need to ask; they don’t need to go to court to get a search warrant. It’s China. It’s a dictatorship. They just take it. It’s not a secret. 

You might say — so what does TikTok know about its users that is so damaging to U.S. and Canadian national security? I mean, half of TikTok is silly video trends. But that’s the bait — the fun video sing-alongs. The fun video filters, like the one that — I don’t know how they do it — make you look like you’re 20 years young. 


But the worrying part is that the app is on your phone, and it has access to everything. You give it access to everything on your phone. Your friends list. Your photos and videos. Your GPS location.

It asks you for permission, you click yes, and it has the information. Over 100 million Americans have opted-in. 

Here’s a link to their privacy policy.

Who do we share your information with?

We share your data with third-party service providers who help us to deliver the Platform, such as cloud storage providers. We also share your information with business partners, other companies in the same group as TikTok, content moderation services, measurement providers, advertisers, and analytics providers. Where and when required by law, we will share your information with law enforcement agencies or regulators, and with third parties pursuant to a legally binding court order.

That’s a gentle way of saying they share it with anyone they want — including the Chinese government.

Look at this paragraph:

User Content and Behavioural Information. We process the content you generate and view on the Platform, including preferences you set (such as choice of language) photographs, audios and videos you upload or create, comments and livestreams you make (“User Content”). We collect User Content through pre-loading at the time of creation, import, or upload, regardless of whether you choose to save or upload that User Content, in order to recommend audio options and provide other personalized recommendations.

We may collect information about the images and audio that are a part of your User Content, such as identifying the objects and scenery that appear, the existence and location within an image of face and body features and attributes, the nature of the audio, and the text of the words spoken in your User Content.

We may access content, including text, images, and video, found in your device’s clipboard, with your permission.

It goes on. You give them everything, forever, for free, for them to do whatever they like.


I mean, it’s bad, sure. But is it as bad as having an accused Chinese agent sitting in your Parliament, as part of the government? 

Dong's been accused of working with the Chinese dictatorship, advising them to keep the two Michaels in prison longer.

The Trudeau government determined that there was no “actionable evidence” after it received a CSIS transcript of an early 2021 conversation between Liberal MP Han Dong and China’s top diplomat in Toronto, according to a senior government source – saying conclusions could not be drawn that Mr. Dong asked Beijing to keep two Canadians in prison for political reasons.

What was he doing reporting to Beijing? He’s not a foreign minister.


TikTok is awful. And don’t think Facebook and YouTube are any better — we know from what Twitter has disclosed under Elon Musk that they were the same. Twitter was basically in the service of the CIA and FBI. So of course TikTok is in the service of China’s PLA.

I don’t mind the idea of banning TikTok — it’s malware, it’s spyware, it feels like a toy, a game, a hobby, whatever, an entertainment, but it’s an espionage tool — just like DJI drones. Almost all the drones sold in America are Chinese made — and all of their data goes through their servers back in China. I would say that every square inch of America is mapped in high def by Americans using drones. And that’s all in China’s hands now. And 100 million humans, and all of their social connections. They have all the info, all of it. 

In 2021, Trudeau partnered with Huawei to sponsor leading-edge computer and electrical engineering research at Canadian universities, "a move critics say threatens this country’s national security and economic interests."

So yeah. On your app. Or on your Huawei phone. Or in your telecom hardware. Or your MPs. Or your prime minister. Or your former governor-general. Or your former PM, who went to work for China less than two months after retiring as PM.


Now Joe Biden may even be worse. He may even be on the payroll, indirectly. His son Hunter takes millions — some reporting suggests much, much more — from China. For no apparent work or skills. Who just happened to fly to China with Biden on Air Force One ten years ago when Biden was VP.

So you have two of the most compromised leaders in the world, when it comes to China. And two of the most corrupt leaders in the world. And two of the frankly stupidest leaders in the world. At least Biden has an excuse — he’s lived a long life and he’s in his twilight years, he’s 80, and he’s losing some of his sharpness.

It’s a huge problem. But our government was corrupted the old-fashioned way — money and power.

Before I stop talking about TikTok, let me tell you that I downloaded the app, then deleted it because I was worried about security. But then I downloaded it again because how can you say no?

Whenever conservatives are in power — Donald Trump, or Stephen Harper — the media party and the left tells us they’re warmongers, they’re cowboys, they don’t know how diplomacy is done. It’s a lie — Harper had stronger relations with every country after his term than the beginning — except Russia. Trump Brough peace to the Middle East, and the Korean Peninsula, and Russia, which invaded Ukraine both before and after Trump didn’t dare do such a thing while he was in office.

Harper didn’t have such military power. But he had some respect from world leaders. Even Obama, who disagreed with Harper on most things, agreed to exempt Canadians from his Buy American rules; softwood lumber problems; Obama didn’t approve KXL, but at least he didn’t ban it — until Trudeau took office. It’s true that Trudeau opened our borders to every fake refugee in America; but it’s also true that the Democrats are bussing migrants up here — easier than deporting them. Speaking of which, did you see our new trailer for our undercover Roxham Road video?

Oh well. Back to Ottawa. Dumb and dumber.

It’s insane that Biden says he’s going to run again, and it looks like he means it. It’s even crazier that Trudeau will, too.

Guest: Barbara Kay, Columnist, National Post speaks on Trudeau Liberals MAID regime. 

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