Why is Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster pushing children as young as 9 to be transgender?

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, the CBC has come under fire for promoting transgender ideology to children as young as nine. The national public broadcaster, which is funded by taxpayers, has been accused of using its platform to normalize transgenderism and sexual fetishes among young children.

While the CBC is entitled to discuss sexuality in an adult context, it is crossing a line by targeting young children who are not equipped to handle such complex issues.

The CBC’s obsession with sexuality is evident in its recent article about “butt culture” and the public broadcaster’s attempt to make it a political issue. The article sparked outrage among many Canadians who felt it was an inappropriate use of public funds. It is one thing to discuss adult sexuality in a political context, but quite another to push it onto children.

What is even more concerning is the CBC’s recent documentary, which featured children discussing their gender identity and transgenderism. The documentary was produced with taxpayer money and promoted to children. This is a gross misuse of public funds, and it amounts to child pornography.

It is alarming that Canadians had to learn about the CBC’s promotion of transgenderism from foreign news outlets such as the Daily Mail in the UK and the New York Post and Fox News in the US. The CBC is not only failing in its duty to inform Canadians but is also using its platform to promote an agenda that is harmful to children.

Teachers are also playing a role in this agenda. Many teachers are now imposing their sexual politics on children as young as kindergarten and they are doing so without the knowledge or consent of parents. This is unacceptable, and parents need to be aware of what their children are being exposed to in school.

The CBC’s documentary on drag queens for kids is a perfect example of how the broadcaster is promoting transgenderism to children. This is not normal behavior, and it is not appropriate for children to be exposed to such sexual content.

What is even more disturbing is that the CBC is doing this with taxpayer money. Parents who do not agree with the CBC’s agenda are being forced to fund it through their taxes. This is unacceptable, and Canadians need to hold the CBC accountable for its actions.

Children are not equipped to handle complex issues of gender identity and sexuality. They are being introduced to these ideas at a young age and are being pushed into accepting them as normal. This is not healthy for children, and it is not something that should be promoted by a public broadcaster.

Parents have a right to know what their children are being exposed to in school and through the media. They need to be aware of the agenda being pushed by the CBC and other organizations that are promoting transgenderism and sexual fetishes to children.

It is time for Canadians to demand accountability from the CBC and other organizations that are promoting transgenderism and sexual fetishes to children. Parents need to be informed and empowered to protect their children from these harmful ideologies. The CBC needs to focus on informing Canadians about important issues, not promoting an agenda that is harmful to children.

GUEST: Ezra is joined by David Menzies to discuss Bill C-11.

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