Ontario prepares new digital ID card for your vaccine status

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We’re all spied on all the time, and it’s mostly by us signing up to be spied on, by Amazon or Google or Facebook or Apple or any website we agree to. Welcome to 2021.

But here comes the government:

New York and IBM Begin COVID-19 Digital Health Pass Pilot

So Andrew Cuomo chose IBM to be in charge of healthcare and public security in New York. They’re running the New York vaccine passport. Because they learned a lot by working with the Chinese dictatorship in tracking Uyghur in Xinjiang.

Great. Again — where is IBM storing the data? How does it get to and from the app — does that pass through China?

You seriously hired IBM? Why not just hire Huawei?

But here’s my real news today. It’s Doug Ford, Ontario’s authoritarian ruler.

Check this out:

In late 2021 we will begin introducing digital ID (digital identity) – a new, electronic government-issued ID that lets people and businesses prove who they are online

...As an individual, your digital ID could be used to prove your identity when you:

        • check in for virtual medical appointments
        • get a birth, marriage or death certificate
        • apply for government assistance (such as disability support) or benefits (such as CERB or EI)
        • update and show vaccination records
        • open a bank account

So it’s connecting everything. Everyone about you. But don’t worry guys. You don’t have to use it.

Sure. You don’t have to use this protean vaccine passport. No requirement at all. I mean, you don’t really need a bank account or credit cards. Just use cash, right? You don’t really need to fly on a plane. Just drive, right? You don’t really need to go into stores, right? You don’t really need a job, right?

I mean, no-one’s forcing you to, right?

NEXT: Franco Terrazzano (@Franco_nomics on Twitter) of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls in to discuss tomorrow's pay raise for members of parliament.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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