NEW undercover video of my interrogation by Elections Canada cops — for writing a book about Justin Trudeau

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A few weeks ago, I released a hidden camera video that I secretly recorded of two cops interrogating me because I wrote a book that criticized their boss, Justin Trudeau.

You can read this insane story, and see all our legal documents, and that first video, at

I guess that hidden video was shocking to Canadians, because more than half a million people watched it. I thought for sure after we broadcast that, that Trudeau be too embarrassed to continue. I mean, who ever heard of police hauling in book authors for questioning, in a small, windowless room, in a high security government office, like we’re in China or something?

Well, Trudeau isn't dropping my case. Not yet.

I showed you most of the interrogation video that I filmed that day. But not all of it. In fact, I don’t think I showed you the worst of it.

TONIGHT I'll show you more, plus a new letter that I received from these investigators, just yesterday:

Considering we have not received any documents from your client, we understand that your client does not intend on submitting documents to the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections. Should this not be the case, please advise as soon as possible.

Right after I released my first video, they sent my lawyers a letter demanding my documents by the end of February.

We ignored it, thinking they were going away. But their deadline arrived, and first thing Monday morning, they sent a terse e-mail, demanding to know if I was going to hand over documents right now.

Or else — what?

The sound of that letter — “as soon as possible” — suggests they’re out of patience. I worried about this.

That’s why, in tonight's video, I asked them not to raid our offices — I asked them to promise just to e-mail me or my lawyers about it. But they wouldn’t make that promise.

So either I hand over our internal, private plans for my book — violating my freedoms and privacy as a Canadian. Or they attack me — at best, through the courts.

And at worst, through a raid on our offices. Maybe even on my home.

Today I asked our lawyers to respond to the cops for me. I asked my lawyers to buy me time — just one more day. I told my lawyers that I would, in fact, be submitting a key, private document to Trudeau’s election commissioner. Just one page. Our editorial strategy document. It reveals everything.

And so I did. I sent it to Trudeau’s lawyer today by e-mail. Five minutes before publishing this video, in fact.

I promise you won't want to miss seeing the "document" I sent them! 

You can even download your own copy at (just scroll down.)

Because I would go to jail first before I sent these people any of Rebel's genuine, private documents.

And maybe I will.

But not without the fight of my life.

This is heavy stuff. Free speech in jeopardy, police bullying, illegal searches and seizures, the Media Party staying silent, they’ve all been paid off by Trudeau’s media bail-out.

So it’s up to us now.

Help me do the serious work. Please visit and join our fight for freedom.

NEXT: Keean Bexte joins me with an update on his ongoing coverage of the anti-pipeline blockades that have been crippling Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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