Brace yourself for more kooky cackling at the Liberals' annual policy convention

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The Liberals are hosting their annual policy convention this week in Ottawa.

And some of the policy proposals are kooky. Others are tyrannical. And one might actually be a good idea, but it's already been entirely rejected by the party leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Oh, and failed United States presidential candidate and former first lady Hilary Clinton is set to participate in a fireside chat with Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland at the convention.

Just think of the cackling.

Policy initiative proposals include lowering the voting age to 17. Another proposes making voting mandatory.

Another policy proposal asks to make a fund to promote and incentivize 15-minute cities in the name of climate change and convenience. The proposal suggests closing roads to vehicle traffic. Odd, since the mainstream media have called the threat of being confined to closed, traffic controlled neighbourhoods a conspiracy theory.

A policy proposal by the Saskatchewan Liberals encouraged selling Canadian energy to Nato partners to offset Russian sales, something the PM said had no business case to do. Conversely, another proposal encouraged a just transition for the prairie oil and gas sector into unemployment.

One proposal also calls for holding online publishers accountable for writing or saying things the government may find objectionable:

"Whereas the demand for information 24/7 has increased the need for programming contemporaneously with the loss of advertising revenue to on-line platforms. Whereas to reduce costs, mainstream media no longer employs as many reporters with extensive knowledge of particular subject areas, and fills content with opinion programming rather than news, and Whereas the result has devalued mainstream media as a source of news and information. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Liberal Party of Canada: Request the Government provide additional public funds to support advertisement-free news and information reporting by Canadian media through an arm’s-length non-partisan mechanism. Request the Government explore options to hold on-line information services accountable for the veracity of material published on their platforms and to limit publication only to material whose sources can be traced."

And so soon after Press Freedom Day. Sad!

TONIGHT: Guest host Sheila Gunn Reid speaks to Quebec Rebel reporter Alexa Lavoie about what happened to her when she went to report on the Liberal convention. Hint: it wasn't World Press Freedom Day on Planet Liberal.

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