Trudeau enters his 'mad king' phase

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Yesterday was an astonishing day on Parliament Hill. Michael Chong, a Chinese-Canadian MP for the Conservative Party who has criticized Communist China, it was revealed this week that the Chinese government was targeting him and his family — both overseas in Hong Kong, and here in Canada. And in fact, one of the people targeting him was known, and he was actually given diplomatic credentials to be here in Canada, working for the Chinese embassy.

Trudeau had lied about it, saying he didn’t know, and no-one knew, and blamed CSIS. But CSIS met with Michael Chong and told him the truth — that Trudeau had lied. It was shocking.

Tonight, I'll show you Michael Chong going head to head with Melanie Joly, the foreign minister, probably the least-serious, least-qualified foreign minister Canada has ever had in office. You can hear her basically say: we can’t do anything about it, because that would displease the Communist Party.

A disgraceful show of weakness, lack of national confidence, total submission to China. So gross.

But where was Trudeau? He was in Ottawa. He just didn’t bother going to question period. He was very busy doing other things. It was May 4 yesterday. You might know that the children’s movie called Star Wars had a catch-phrase, “may the force be with you.” And it’s become a meme — “may the fourth” be with you. So the fourth day of May is a day when Star Wars fans say that. Typically children — it was a children’s movie.

And here’s what Trudeau was doing yesterday. Not dealing with the Chinese spy scandal. Not answering Michael Chong or Parliament. He was busy:

Yeah. He’s a child. He has the moral seriousness of a child.

But he had time to go to his party’s convention. He gave a partisan speech, which is fine. And listen to one of his attacks on his opponent, Pierre Poilievre. Look at Trudeau’s face — look at when he bares his teeth that way. He does that when he can’t control his rage:

So Poilievre mentioned forced vaccines? That Joe Biden has in place — still has in place, for another week, actually? One of the few countries in the world? Makes no scientific sense, makes no health sense, makes no economic sense, makes no sense between our two countries. But put aside making sense — it’s just downright immoral.

And look at the rage with which Trudeau spits out his words. Yeah, he’s full of hatred. Always has been. Anyone who crosses him — like the truckers.

For a brief moment a few days ago, Trudeau pretended he never forced anyone to get the vaccine. I guess he’s done pretending.

So what do they do at these Liberal conventions? Well, they get drunk and do that blackface thing, apparently — or other racist things, inspired by their boss. Don’t take it from me. Take it from this Liberal delegate:

Yeah. Never let a Trudeau Liberal get away with calling you racist or sexist.

But seriously, when they’re not drunk and racist, they’re planning new ways to rule you. Like this: their proposed 2023 policy resolutions. This is where they daydream about what they want the government to do.

There are a ton of ideas here, many of them kooky ideas — all parties winnow down the ideas, to get rid of the kookiest. There are 338 riding associations; the Liberals whittle their ideas down to the 20 best ones. Here’s how they say it:

Note: The following policy resolutions are presented as submitted by Provincial/Territorial Boards, Liberal Party Commissions, and the Liberal Caucus. Registered Liberals from across the country have prioritized the following 20 resolutions through a national online voting and discussion process, and the resolutions below will be presented at the National Convention. A resolution is not considered a policy of the party unless it has earned majority support as a priority at a national convention.

So what I’m about to read to you is what they consider one of the best in the country — top 20, out of hundreds. I’ll read it, and intersperse my thoughts. The Liberal proposal will be in in italics here on the page, and my thoughts will be below.

“Combatting Disinformation in Canada”
Sponsor: Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia)
Whereas the United Nations Secretary-General recognizes disinformation as an “existential risk to humanity.”

Sure. Just like climate change. Just like COVID. Just like gender surgery. Just like your tax increase. Whatever they want, essentially, you see. It’s an emergency.

“Whereas online information sources are the source of most disinformation aimed at and/or available to Canadians.”

Isn’t everything online? Even most books; don’t we all watch TV online now? What does that even mean?

“Whereas those who produce misinformation seek to undermine trust in people and institutions, including mainstream media and governments.”

I disagree. I think those institutions have done an impressive job of undermining their own credibility, don’t you think?

“Whereas one recent poll found 44% Canadians believe much of the information from news organizations is false and 71% believe official government accounts of events are untrustworthy.”

So you mean to say that 29% of people trust politicians? That’s a shockingly high number of people. I guess those are Liberals.

“Whereas the demand for information 24/7 has increased the need for programming contemporaneously with the loss of advertising revenue to on-line platforms.”


“Whereas to reduce costs, mainstream media no longer employs as many reporters with extensive knowledge of particular subject areas, and fills content with opinion programming rather than news, and Whereas the result has devalued mainstream media as a source of news and information. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Liberal Party of Canada.”

What is mainstream media, by the way — other than just media Trudeau controls? But that’s all their throat-clearing preamble. Here’s their plan. Two points:

  • Request the Government provide additional public funds to support advertisement-free news and information reporting by Canadian media through an arm’s-length non-partisan mechanism.

So, naturally, more bailouts for their friends. But why should it be advertising free? Or subscription free? If you can’t sell ads or sell subscriptions or crowdfund, why should your hobby be called a job — just because the Liberals like you? The laugh is, they’re already doing that — just not arm’s length and non-partisan.

But look at this one.

  • Request the Government explore options to hold on-line information services accountable for the veracity of material published on their platforms and to limit publication only to material whose sources can be traced.

So it used to be that reporters would hold politicians accountable. No longer. Politicians will hold journalists accountable. For the “veracity” of their news. Politicians will tell you what’s true or not. They’ll demand to “trace” your sources.

What a laugh — especially given that the very next policy idea is to protect whistleblowers — except the govnernment will want to trace your whistleblowers, if he blows the whistle on them.

What a bunch of little fascists.

They’re all in on it. You remember my story a couple of days ago, about the CBC threatening Twitter, that if they didn’t delete certain tweets, the Trudeau government would punish twitter?

Well, Matt Taibbi, the journalist who released the first wave of the “Twitter Files”, which showed internal censorship at Twitter before Elon Musk, ge got in touch with us and sent us this: 

An internal email from Twitter Canada, where the Twitter executives said that they reviewed the censorship demands by the CBC and found them unreasonable. So the CBC threatened to sue them! To sue them!

“During the call with Cam Gordon and myself the CBC threatened legal action so Cam and I ended the call.”

Why would the CBC threaten to sue a private company that didn’t censor people like the CBC wanted them to? That’s nuts! Why do we have to pay for that?

Hey, you know who has Trudeau’s number? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s running for the president — seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party. Look at this amazing tweet from him, it's racked up 3.5 million views:

RFK Jr. is former president John F. Kennedy’s nephew, and the son of Robert “Bobby” F. Kennedy. He’s a progressive American political legend. And he’s against vaccine mandates. He doesn’t much care if Trudeau scowls at him — he knows that Trudeau is just a little thug.

I think people are waking up — at least I hope so.

GUEST: Documentarian and political commentator Aaron Gunn (you can follow him @AaronGunn on Twitter) joins the show to discuss a B.C. store that was briefly selling hard drugs before police shut it down following the province's decision to decriminalize many narcotics earlier this year.

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