Who won last night's Conservative Party leadership debate?

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Did you catch the Conservative leadership debate last night? If you didn’t, here’s the post-game summary: judging by applause, the clearcut winner was surely Pierre Poilievre; judging by boos, jeers, and even downright derisive laughter, the definite loser was Jean Charest. No surprise there, really.

But there was also a candidate who lost the debate due to default given that he was a no-show: that would be sneaky Patrick Brown, Brampton’s full-time mayor and part-time Zamboni inspector.

One must wonder what Patrick Brown was thinking. Why wouldn’t he want to be on a national stage, making a case for what he believes in?

Gee, could it be because the majority of Canadians aren’t buying what he’s selling?

Or maybe because so many grassroots conservatives know that Patrick Brown is a compulsive liar; the kind of guy who would spit in your face and tell you that it’s raining?

GUEST: National Post columnist Rupa Subramanya (@RupaSubramanya)

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