I’m curious about a few things but I’m worried I’ll get in trouble for asking about them

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Gas prices are so high I can’t believe it. I see it as a car-driver when I fill up at the pumps. But of course I don’t see it in everything else that is trucked or driven before it gets to me — food, anything in a store, really. But it’s a reason for inflation.

What are you going to do? Drive only 2/3 of the way to work? Only take the kids to school three days a week? There are certain things that have what economists call price inelasticity of demand. It’s a fancy way of saying, no matter what the price is, you still have to buy it. With normal things, the price goes up, you consume less of it. You switch; you go without; you find an alternative.

But you can’t do that with gasoline — that’s why politicians love to tax it so much. That pain you feel at the pump is the inelasticity. You just have to fill up with gas. Maybe 1 per cent of us can switch to taking a bus or riding a bike, at least in the summer. But it’s not realistic for most of us. Just out of curiosity, I checked what Tesla electric cars are going for these days.

Here’s a fairly recent headline:

Entire Tesla lineup gets fresh round of price increases in Canada and US

I just checked, and a new Tesla Model 3 — that’s their cheapest car — starts at $60,000 Canadian. That’s a luxury SUV price. And of course, that’s only if you can get them — Tesla only had 12,000 Model 3s available for sale in Canada all of last year.

My point is — there is no electric alternative. You can’t bike in the winter here. Unless you live in some very specific neighbourhoods in a few of our big cities, you can’t really use public transit. And it just doesn't work for families.

Trudeau likes that by the way — he likes the pain of energy poverty. He’s counting on it. He wants you to feel the pain when you use gasoline, so you will “make better choices” as he calls it.

And — I can’t even believe this is happening — there is a shortage of baby formula in America.

This is from yesterday’s New York Times:

A Baby Formula Shortage Leaves Desperate Parents Searching for Food
Some parents are driving hours at a time in search of supplies. Others are watering down formula or rationing it, hoping for an end to the shortage.

It’s happening in Canada too:

U.S. baby formula shortage impacting Canadian families, experts say

That is terrifying. Watering it down? Watering down baby formula?

But can I show you a story from just eight days ago on CNN:

Breast milk is the perfect food for babies but not all mothers are able to breastfeed, and with adoption or surrogacy, parents don't have the option.

Enter: BIOMILQ. The North Carolina-based startup is working to create “human milk” outside of the body.


The promise of a greener alternative to formula has attracted investment from Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Alongside other investors, the climate-focused fund helped BIOMILQ raise $21 million in October 2021. With this funding, Strickland says BIOMILQ is focused on expanding...

Lab-grown milk? And lab-grown meat:

Bill Gates: Rich nations should shift entirely to synthetic beef

We spoke to the Microsoft cofounder about his new book, the limits of his optimism, the tech breakthroughs and energy policies we need—and how his thinking on climate change has evolved.

This was just a year ago!

And here’s the World Economic Forum, pushing the same thing. They’re talking about making food in a lab, using stem cells of animals. But they’re also just 3-d “printing” it.

What’s going on here? And why is Bill Gates behind so many of these projects?

Bill Gates and Richard Branson are betting lab-grown meat might be the food of the future

Sure. Do you doubt for a second that those billionaires don’t eat only the finest meats, and whatever the hell they want?

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why?

Here’s another one:

Bill Gates now owns more farmland than anyone in the U.S.—conspiracy theorists want to know why

Only conspiracy theorists are curious? You’re not interested in that question? You don’t what to know? Yeah, if you’re not naturally curious about why Bill Gates has suddenly bought up more land than anyone else in America, you lack intellectual curiosity; but left-wingers will scold you. Since when did left-wingers do damage control or PR for billionaire oligarchs. Isn’t that weird, too?

Is it for green living?

Bill Gates backs artificial breast milk to nurture green living

That’s what Bill Gates says. But I don’t think he really cares about the environment — as Elon Musk showed us, Bill Gates is taking a massive short position against Tesla, the electric car company; Gates doesn’t just fly in private jets, he owns a private jet company.

It’s not about a greener world. It’s about his bizarre fetishes, and his desire to control people.

But let me show you three clips of Bill Gates himself — the guy who says he has all the answers — admitting he knew nothing.

Oh. By the way, if you said any of those things on YouTube even a few months ago — indeed, even today — you’d be deleted for “disinformation”.

Bill Gates is saying things things as if they have only recently been discovered; he’s still pushing vaccines that he admits don’t work; I’ve never seen him speak out against a lockdown — in fact, one of his big lessons, he says, is that we needed to lock down harder, like Australia did.

Bill Gates is weird; he’s likely a child rapist, given his dozens of visits to Jeffrey Epstein. He has a God complex. But most of all: he’s just wrong — but as a hundred billionaire, he’s immune to the consequences of being wrong.

He was wrong with the pandemic. We survived that, sort of. He wants to take control of our food. I don’t know if we’ll survive that.

And yeah — asking questions about it doesn’t make me a conspiracy theorist; it makes me a skeptic about a dishonourable man.

GUEST: Ontario Party leader Derek Sloan on his recent suspension from Twitter.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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