NDP activists storm a conservative premier’s press conference, and the media blames the conservative premier

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Right off the top, I need you to watch a video.

Let me describe it for anyone reading: so you’ve got some middle-aged men storming into a press conference by Danielle Smith, the conservative premier of Alberta. If you're watching, I’m not sure if you even caught it since it happened so fast, but the protesters pushed and shoved police; the main police detail whisked Smith out of the room — that’s the right move; you don’t know if there’s a gun, or if someone else is about to do something, you don’t know if that stunt was just a distraction for the main attack to come. Literally a day earlier, a man was brandishing a gun at the Legislature.

Was this part of that?

It’s odd, isn’t it. I’m not an expert in security at all, but to my layman’s eye, it’s odd that the premier is whisked away, but that the other two women there are left in the lurch. They were clearly stunned and didn’t know what to do. There was a cop who let the one guy go; security just seemed to stand around.

Odd, no?

And then they just walked out. No charges of anything — no trespass charges, no harassment charges, no assault charges, even for the guy who hit the cop.

Isn’t that funny. Because you see, in Alberta, they’ve been arresting and jailing a pastor named Derek Reimer for simply coming within a hundred metres or whatever of a drag queen story hour. He just comes NEAR it and he’s arrested and jailed. These thugs burst in, cause a security incident, physically push around cops, and… nothing.

If these had been conservative men storming a Rachel Notley event or a Chrystia Freeland event, they'd be in jail right now, without bail, facing charges. Ask Pastor Artur Pawlowski, or Pastor James Coates, or Tamara Lich, just to name a few. None of them even touched a cop. Remember this?

F-bombs or worse, the reporter said. I’m not sure what was worse, but it sounded dramatic. Look, I don’t like that, or someone throwing some pebbles at anyone — I don’t. But where is Trudeau with his dramatic actor voice? Where is the media outrage?

Neither Chrystia Freeland nor Justin Trudeau had to be whisked away to safety. Neither had their event cancelled. But it was a national disaster — I’m surprised they didn’t invoke the Emergencies Act.

Oh wait, that came later.

National news. Every conservative was asked to disavow them. If these folks storming Danielle Smith were conservatives, they'd obviously be kicked out of the party. And we’d have a week of deep thinkers talking about “radicalized” extremists who were fed disinformation and turned violent, or whatever they say these days.

Oh — I forgot to mention.

One of these dirty tricksters is actually an NDP candidate, Patrick King. He ran in Calgary for the federal NDP last year. The other is a provincial labour union organizer — just to remind you, Rachel Notley’s husband, Lou Arab, is a senior labour organizer in the province.

These were as insiders as can be.

No arrests. No nothing. The NDP put out a tweet gently disavowing the storming of Smith’s event. But it was their people who did it.

In fact, bizarrely, they had tweeted out the location of Smith's event. They directed people to it. They later deleted that tweet, and when asked about it, Notley claimed, oh, no worries, they always do that, nothing weird there, they always tweet out Danielle Smiths’ events.

What a weird lie.

So that’s what happened. That’s what it looked like, that’s who did it, that’s who teed it up. How did it look to the millions of people who only heard about it later, through the regime media? Well, take a look.

The Canadian Press said, "Alberta election campaign continues after minor drama at Danielle Smith announcement”.

Minor drama. She’s so dramatic, and the real news is that the campaign continues. Imagine thinking that’s the news.

Rath was in the middle of a sentence, discussing jobs and investments, when she looked to her left. There, a group of three protesters holding signs, like one that read "For Sale: Foothills Hospital," began shouting. One of the men — wearing a tan-coloured hat — was Patrick King, the NDP candidate in Calgary-Signal Hill in the 2021 federal election.

Another unidentified man made it past event organizers and began to shout "hospitals are not for sale."

Organizers attempted to stop that man, but he was able to make it to the front of the stage, where he stood unimpeded, holding up a sign for more than a minute before the UCP feed cut out.

When it returned, UCP Leader Danielle Smith addressed the incident. "I think that activist like we just saw here and the NDP keep trying to confuse the issue," Smith said.

So they eventually did identify one of the men. Give them that. Not in the headline, not in the lede. And — weird — they never mentioned that Smith herself was whisked away by police.

Why? Never mentioned the assault on police. Why? Did they miss it?

Their news report is even crazier. Danielle Smith provoked these disruptors. She caused it. And, by the way, they didn’t storm the floor and cancel the event. No. They just were “acting out.”

Did the CBC cover the trucker convoy this way?

It’s not just the CBC. Here’s CTV. They went to the head of the nurses union for action. Cam Westhead. Seems like a good source on this. But who’s he?  Oh. He’s a former NDP MLA.

Why didn’t CTV mention that? Did they truly not know?

In this CTV broadcast, they led with Rachel Notley’s announcement first, then Smith’s coverage. So they rewarded the NDP dirty tricksters.

Global News didn’t mention any NDP involvement at all — and spent more time on an NDP candidate’s signs getting damaged. Seriously

You just had some angry men shouting and storming the premier’s event, assaulting police, Smith had to be rushed away — and that’s the media coverage of it? Hiding NDP involvement? Calling it much ado about nothing; a minor drama; Smith deserved it, she caused it?

Are you serious? Deadly serious.

I say this again and always: in almost every news story about which I have first-hand knowledge, when I see the regime media’s coverage of it, it’s spun, if not an outright lie. Here, I don’t have first-hand knowledge, but I have two things — the raw video of what happened, and the curiosity to Google the people who were talked to.

Don’t tell me the Media Party didn’t know what they were doing.

Why are their errors and omissions always going the same direction — anti-conservative, pro-NDP? Why do they downplay violence against the right, committed by the left? Why do they excuse violence committed by the left?

I’m not overreacting. They assaulted a cop and committed trespass — but were let go with nothing. The NDP itself has not kicked them out.

Never believe the media. Never. Not when they tell you they’re afraid of the truckers, or the Proud Boys, or conservatives, or Christians, or whoever they’re demonizing today.

They’re lying. They’re not afraid. They’re accusing you of what they’re doing themselves.

GUEST: Rebel reporters Adam Soos and Sheila Gunn Reid join Ezra for a discussion on NDP activists raiding Premier Danielle Smith's press conference yesterday.

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