Someone swore at a politician, so police are investigating — we really do live in a banana republic

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Justin Trudeau is atrocious, which might be a reason he did not win a majority government in the last election. But he is able to govern as if he has a majority because the NDP’s weak leader, Jagmeet Singh, has pledged to prop up Trudeau in a coalition.

It’s really quite pitiful; Singh is such an intellectual lightweight; he puts out these little tweets criticizing and condemning Trudeau, to give the appearance of opposition, or something — but of course it is precisely his support for Trudeau that keeps Trudeau in power.

It’s almost like Singh is deceiving you. But not everyone is deceived.

When Singh was at a campaign even for a NDP candidate competing in the Ontario provincial election, he was accosted by a group of protester heckling him much in the same manner that Trudeau is heckled. I’m sure they’re the very same people who heckle Trudeau too, in fact.

Here’s how it often is for Trudeau these days — and it’s a reason why Trudeau prefers doing photo ops in Ukraine to actually governing here at home:

Yeah. Sorry, it’s rude. But really, we haven’t had any opposition in this country for two years. Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh saw to that in Parliament; the Media Party saw to it in journalism; the cowardly judges that rubber-stamped the lockdowns saw to it in the courts.

So, yeah, that’s the only outlet people have to talking back to an increasingly authoritarian bully. And I know. There are some swears. I hope Trudeau’s OK.

But like I say, Trudeau is nothing without a subservient, docile, passive, submissive NDP. Not an NDP that fights with him — certainly not fighting with him about the rights of workers, who were all sold out during the pandemic. But play-fighting.

Jagmeet Singh is Trudeau’s accomplice. And some people swore at him too. I hope he’s OK.

Now those are some very mean words. Not the meanest.

I mean, I think there is a hierarchy of swears. Some are worse than others. The Brits and the Australians just love saying the c-word, which is like the nuclear bomb swear over here.

There’s a 12-letter swear that’s pretty bad. These were bad swears. But they weren’t racist swears — those can really sting. And they weren’t threats — I’ll kill you; I’ll hurt you; I’m going to f*** you up. It was just generic abuse. Harsh heckling.

The kind of thing that Trudeau dishes out — just last week he used a six-letter swear that starts with f-u-c.

And he said that in Parliament, where you’re not supposed to use unparliamentary language. And there was that time he called Peter Kent a piece of S-H-I-T.

Yeah, so don’t feel too bad about Trudeau hearing some swears. He’s faking it if he says he cares about profanity — everything about him is fake; he’s the guy who calls you racist, while dressing up in blackface more times than he can remember; he’s the guy who calls you a sexist while sexually assaulting Rose Knight in Creston, B.C.; he’s the guy who calls you intolerant while segregating and discriminating against Canadians based on medical status.

So yeah. Crocodile tears.

GUEST: Ben Weingarten (@BHWeingarten on Twitter)

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